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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 17 Recap

Sheng Chumu and Lu Qi both made trouble in front of the emperor. Lu Qi filed a complaint in front of the emperor, saying that Sheng Chumu had humiliated Lu Yingying. The emperor comforted Lu Qi with a few words and told Sheng Chumu to stop looking for his own face. Lu Yunji’s troubles and promised that he could find a chance to reward Sheng Chumu.

Sheng Chumu took the opportunity to propose that he wanted to marry a wife. The emperor thought that Sheng Chumu wanted to marry Princess Xinnan, so he agreed to the matter. Sheng Chumu I was a little panicked and wanted to explain, but at this time the prince came, and Sheng Chumu had no chance to speak, so he had to retire first.

The prince reported to the emperor about the situation of the emperor. The emperor guessed that the emperor had told the prince about his previous affairs. He reprimanded the prince for not being firm enough. The prince rebuked the prince. The prince suffocated his anger. He slapped her and knocked her to the ground when he saw Sun Lingshu in the East Palace. He cursed a slut and left. Princess Xin Nan saw that the prince was back. Wanting to ask him to take Sheng Chuling away, the prince was angry and cursed Princess Xinnan.

After the prince left, Sheng Chuling happened to pass by on patrol. Seeing Princess Xinnan’s face aggrieved, she learned that the prince did not agree to transfer herself away, so she decided to go home and talk to Sheng Xiaojing and let Sheng Xiaojing find the emperor to propose marriage. After returning home, Sheng Chuling told Sheng Xiaojing that she wanted to start a family.

Mrs. Sheng had some questions. She didn’t know who Sheng Chuling was talking about. Sheng Chuling said that she liked Princess Xinnan, but Sheng Xiaojing said that Princess Xinnan was the emperor’s beloved daughter. To marry to the Lu Guogong, you must marry the Guogong, and the position of the Guogong will be given to Sheng Chumu in the future.

Sheng Chuling and Sheng Chumu had a fuss, Sheng Xiaojing had to agree to go to the palace the next day to explore the emperor’s tone, but the emperor misunderstood Sheng Xiaojing’s meaning, thinking that he was here to beg for Sheng Chumu, so he agreed to Sheng Xiaojing, and Sheng Xiaojing quickly explained , But the emperor felt that Sheng Chuling was only a second son, and only a palace guard. If Sheng Xiaojing thought so, it was the following crime, and Sheng Xiaojing had no choice but to thank you.

The queen had previously condemned Situ Shangyi with a stick in her anger. Situ Shangyi was already in poor health, and it was even worse. Seeing that she couldn’t hold on any longer, the prince went to visit Situ Shangyi. Situ Shangyi was dying to watch. While holding the prince, he told him the last thoughts, told him a bit, and died in front of the prince. Sun Lingshu came to the prince to beg for mercy, and after some pleading, the prince was a little soft-hearted towards her.

As a result, Sun Lingshu brought a bowl of bird’s nest porridge. The prince saw things and thought of others, thinking of Situ Shangyi, and then made a face to Sun Lingshu. The prince was in a bad mood, so he went to find Chen Ji again. Chen Ji was already planning to leave Chang’an. The prince taught Chen Ji some tricks and gave him a dagger. Sun Lingwei came to the East Palace to visit Sun Lingshu. Sun Lingshu talked about her troubles, and Sun Lingwei was angry for her sister.

Yan Zifang accepted the offer, and then smashed the pirates, so he entered the capital. He met Lu Yingying on the street and asked if he still had the pearl that he gave her. He learned that Lu Yingying still had the pearl. Suddenly his expression changed, and Lu Yingying threw the pearl away, saying that he and Lu Yunji were enemies. At the court, Yan Zi confessed his real name to the emperor. Only Sheng Chumu knew Yan Zifang’s identity. Lu Yunji and his son thought that Sheng Chumu knew Yan Zifang’s identity a long time ago, and they deliberately colluded with Yan Zifang to embarrass them.

When Fu Rou went to see King Zhou, King Zhou deliberately told about the marriage between Sheng Chumu and Princess Xin Nan. Fu Rou was a little uncomfortable, but she believed that Sheng Chumu would not change her heart. Zhou Wang gave Fu Rou some pictures and said It was given by Yan Zifang, and Fu Rou was shocked. After further questioning, she learned that the leader of the Si Hai Gang was her childhood sweetheart Yan Zifang.

In order to refuse to marry Sheng Chumu, he lied to the emperor that he was inhumane. In order to embarrass Sheng Chumu, Lu Yunji asked the imperial physician to examine Sheng Chumu. Fortunately, Sheng Chumu was prepared and Yan Zifang gave it to Sheng before. Chu Mu had a kind of medicine that helped him avoid inspection. But the medicine was not given in vain. Yan Zifang wanted Sheng Chumu to pay back his favor.

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