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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 16 Recap

The crown prince learned that Sun Lingshu had offended the Royal Palace of Han and became angry with Sun Lingshu. Sun Lingshu argued that she had only missed her mouth for a while, and she did not know that Princess Xinnan would go to file a complaint. The prince didn’t listen to her excuses, and after teaching her a lesson, he left.

Sun Lingshu was very aggrieved and didn’t know how the matter got to the Royal Palace of Han. The maid guessed that there was Princess Han in the East Palace. Sun Lingshu planted Dong’er who had come out of Prince Han’s Mansion and stole the bracelet and drove Dong’er away. King Han was out of anger and wanted to find the prince again, but Princess Han didn’t want to fight anymore and decided to settle the matter.

Fu Ruong and Sheng Chumu finally met. The two of them held each other tightly. Sheng Chumu took Fu Rou to the outskirts to play. Sheng Chumu said that he was rescued by Yan Zifang. Fu Rou sighed a little. They were almost killed by Yan Zifang, but now they saved Yan Zifang. The fate is really unclear. Sheng Chumu also talked about his encounter with Fu Tao, saying that Fu Tao was a soldier next to Lu Yunji.

In order to win Lu Yunji to the crown prince, Chang Guogong decided to let his son marry Lu Yingying. Chang Guogong’s son originally married Sun Lingshu’s sister, Sun Lingwei, but now he abandons the Sun family and chooses the Lu family, which makes Sun Lingshu very dissatisfied. However, Lu Yingying did not want to marry Chang Guogong’s son.

She already had Yan Zifang in her heart. In the evening, Sun Lingshu talked to the prince about Chang Guo Gong and provoked the relationship between Chang Guo Gong and the prince. The prince was very disgusted when he heard that, and left on the spot to look for Chen Ji to play chess. Sun Lingshu still didn’t know what she had done wrong, and only felt that the prince had changed his mind.

When Situ Shangyi visited the harem, she learned that the prince and Chen Ji were still playing chess late at night, so she went to the prince the next day and reminded the prince not to interact with Chen Ji anymore. When Fu Rou saw Chen Ji when sending the embroidery, he also reminded Chen Ji not to come to the East Palace again. Although Chen Ji was a little bit reluctant, he decided to say goodbye to the prince and Chen Ji. The prince and Chen Ji played the last game of chess. Ji said goodbye, and the prince knew in his heart that Chen Ji could not stay any longer.

Suddenly the emperor slipped in the garden. The queen was in poor health and could not go to Daan Palace to serve. The prince was going to Daan Palace to serve for a while. After the prince left, Sun Lingshu remembered that Chen Ji hated Chen Ji. Ji’s leg injury was not healed, but Sun Lingshu deliberately tried to embarrass Chen Ji. Chen Jiqiang supported the performance once, and the crown prince asked Chen Ji to perform again. Chen Ji accidentally fell off the stage during the second performance. Fortunately, Fu Rou was early. A red silk was tied around the stage to cushion Chen Ji’s life, and Chen Ji was prepared not to come to the East Palace again.

When Situ Shangyi was at the age of leaving the palace, when he was saying goodbye to the queen, Sun Lingshu came to greet the queen. The queen learned that Sun Lingshu was watching the theater yesterday, so she gave her a lesson. In order to escape responsibility, Sun Lingshu deliberately said that Chen Ji deliberately misled her.

The prince also said that Situ Shangyi had known about this a long time ago. The queen was anxious and said that she would take Chen Ji back for questioning. Situ Shangyi interceded for the prince and said that the prince had let Chen Ji leave the east palace, but now it would be detrimental to hold Chen Ji away. The prince Qingyu, the queen was furious, not only refused to listen, but also punished Situ Shangyi.

Sheng Chumu was responsible for guarding the gate of Chang’an. Lu Qi went hunting and returned late. Sheng Chumu deliberately embarrassed Lu Qi and slandered Lu Yingying. Lu Qi couldn’t help but beat Sheng Chumu. This time he gave Sheng Chumu a handle. People tied Lu Qi and waited until tomorrow for the emperor to judge.

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