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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 15 Recap

Sheng Chuling taught Sheng Chujun how to use a kite to contact Fu Rou, but the kite was picked up by Princess Xin Nan. She thought it was put in by Princess Sheng Chuling. When Princess Xin Nan’s maid, Pearl, went to pick up the kite, she met the emperor’s younger brother King Liang. She wanted to attack the pearl. Pearl struggled to resist, pushed King Liang away and fled. King Liang went to the Supreme Emperor to file a complaint, and the Supreme Emperor asked the Queen to hand the pearl to King Liang for disposal.

Princess Xinnan was already in the Queen’s Palace. , I wanted to stand up for Pearl, but as soon as the Supreme Emperor came, the Queen respectfully rebelled against the Supreme Emperor for a court lady, and asked Princess Xin Nan to send the pearls to King Liang tomorrow. Princess Xinnan was helpless, and went to the prince again for help.

The Emperor Tai liked strange stones, so the prince gave a piece of the strange stone he treasured to Princess Xin Nan. Princess Xin Nan went to see the Emperor Tai to ask for her peace, and also presented the strange stone to the Emperor Tai, but the Emperor did not care about the stone that Princess Xin Nan brought. Princess Xinnan offered to bet with the Supreme Emperor.

If she wins, the Supreme Emperor promised herself a request. After speaking, she dedicated the stone to the Supreme Emperor. The Emperor carefully looked at the stone and found that the stone is indeed extraordinary. This bet is considered Xinnan. The princess won, and Princess Xinnan took the opportunity to intercede for Pearl. The Emperor was so happy that she agreed to Princess Xinnan’s request.

Fu Rou found out what seemed to be hidden in the beautiful pictures of mountains and rivers, and told the queen that she wanted to take apart the embroidery to find out, but she was only 50% sure. Even if she could not find the treasure map after taking it apart, she could study Hui. Niangzi’s needle technique passed down Hui Niangzi’s needle technique. The queen was persuaded by Fu Rou and agreed to Fu Rou’s proposal.

Fu Rou disassembled the beautiful pictures of mountains and rivers and cut them out again. As a result, they assembled the beautiful pictures of mountains and rivers into a sea chart. The queen dedicated the sea chart to the emperor. The emperor was overjoyed, praised the queen, and agreed to recruit Yan Zifang. thing. Fu Rou offered the picture and had merit, so she wanted to ask the queen to let herself go out of the palace, but the queen refused, but in order to reward Fu Rou, she agreed to go out of the palace one day a month to visit her family.

Sheng Chuling returned to the East Palace on duty. Princess Xinnan went to the East Palace to find Sheng Chuling, but Sheng Chuling ignored Princess Xinnan. Princess Xinnan was so angry that when Sun Lingshu came, she pulled Princess Xinnan to chat, and Sun Lingshu talked about it. Regarding the prince and Chen Ji, Fu Rou came to send the embroidery. Princess Xin Nan said nothing to say that Fu Rou was a vixen, and Sun Lingshu thought that Princess Xin Nan also knew about Fu and King Zhou. When Princess Xin Nan learned of this, she turned her head and filed a complaint with the queen.

She wanted the queen to punish Fu Rou, but the queen went to ask King Zhou for sin. Both King Zhou and Concubine Yan pleaded for each other. The queen couldn’t bear it for a while and didn’t punish them. , I just reminded the king of Zhou to say a few words, and let Concubine Yan assist herself in managing the harem. The first one is to manage the entrance control of the palace. Without the permission of the queen, monks and Taoists are not allowed to enter the palace.

Fu Rou was punished on her knees for making a mistake. The queen didn’t blame Fu Rou much, but told Fu Rou not to do it again in the future. Fu Rou knelt so that her knees were bruised. Zhou Wang hugged Fu Rou back and gave her medicine again. Zhou Wang said he had a way to fight back, and decided to tell the emperor about the prince and Chen Ji, in order to avenge the queen. Fu Rou quickly helped Chen Ji beg for mercy. For Fu Rou, Zhou Wang had to agree to give up.

Sheng Chu asked Princess Yo Xinnan to meet at the lake outside the city, but the queen was fixing the rules of the palace. Princess Xinnan had to ask the prince to take herself out. After the prince went out, she looked for Chen Ji and he bought a small house for Chen Ji. Chen Ji was moved by taking him to see the small house. Princess Xinnan and Sheng Chuling met.

The two had a conversation, and Princess Xinnan knew that Fu Rou was Sheng Chuling’s sister-in-law, and Sheng Chuling also learned that Sun Lingshu had told the story about King Zhou and Fu Rou. When the incident reached the palace of the King Han, the King Han and his wife were a little disappointed with Sun Lingshu. The King Han was worried that Sun Lingshu would have trouble in the future, so King Han promised to go to the prince tomorrow to remind her.

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