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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 14 Recap

Both Hou Jidong and Chen Haofeng stayed in the camp and gave most of the food to the standby warehouse. After all, there was a lack of oxygen in them, and they were the most important thing. Ouyang Jun came to send the planned accommodation arrangement, because he was very upset because he didn’t enter the waiting room. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t do it, why he wouldn’t let him participate in such an important task. Who wouldn’t be the housekeeper.

Chen Haofeng and Shao Shuai stopped Ouyang Jun, can they touch the missile every day when entering the standby storage? Ouyang Jun was immediately happy, which means he stayed here for more practical exercises and practice than them! Ouyang Jun heard Hou Jidong talking about the big goose and ran out quickly. The four big geese were missing one. Several people were in a hurry. Ouyang Jun really didn’t know how to explain to Wang Xianmin.

There was silence in the car going to the standby garage, and it was about to enter the day when the sun could not be seen again. The general control room saw a small animal following in and contacted Zhanyan Company to quickly verify it. It turns out that this little animal is a squirrel. Although it is cute, it likes to bite. It will be troublesome if it bites the electrical appliance. Lang Yongcheng asked Xia Zhuo to go to the bathroom and asked him if he missed Lin Anbang. Of course Xia Zhuo missed him.

Lang Yongcheng said meaningfully, and Xia Zhuo immediately understood, and hurriedly ran into the toilet to look for Lin Anbang. Lin Anbang told Xia Zhuo that he came to take some photos of the brigade this time. This was all operated by Lang Yongcheng, and Lin Anbang could take this opportunity to make up for it. As soon as Xia Zhuo left, Lin Anbang was still complaining about Lu Zheng, an old donkey, and Lu Zheng came in, Lin Anbang’s face turned green.

Hou Jidong looked at a few plump big geese greedy, Ouyang Jun was startled, this can’t be less! In the standby warehouse, Lu Zheng asked everyone to find the squirrels, because there were many equipment lines in the standby warehouse, and he was afraid that the squirrels would bite the lines because of small losses. Xia Zhuo offered to give himself a peanut and he would do it by himself, without having to mobilize the crowd.

Lu Zheng didn’t believe in evil, so he simply gave him a peanut. Lang Yongcheng was speechless when he heard that Lin Anbang gave Lu Zhengqi the nickname. If he wanted to enter the battle, even Lu Zheng had to nod his head, otherwise An Lei wouldn’t be able to speak well. Lang Yongcheng gave Lin Anbang the four words to change his mind.

Xia Zhuo quickly caught the squirrel. Lu Zheng was very surprised when he saw it, and asked him to talk about how to catch it. Xia Zhuo put his own reasoning together. To be precise, he caught the squirrel with only half a peanut. Lu Zheng asked Xia Zhuo to send it to Wang Xianmin’s office. Yi Zimeng and Xia Zhuo wanted to keep the squirrel, but they could only agree. Wang Xianmin also raised two small fishes, and when he saw the squirrel sent by Xia Zhuo, both eyes were shining.

Lang Yongcheng took everyone to train, and Lin Anbang held the camera next to take pictures. Lang Yongcheng finally couldn’t stand it anymore and asked him to practice together. Lin Anbang looked at the camera next to him intentionally and quickly expressed his determination.

Ouyang Jun came to participate in the actual exercise. Hou Jidong, Chen Haofeng and others suddenly heard a goose call. Ouyang Jun was uneasy, so they made up a basket and brought it over. Chen Haofeng was very angry, saying that Ouyang Jun couldn’t recognize the situation, how could he bring the big goose to the training ground. Lin Anbang participated in Xia Zhuo’s training, but he couldn’t support the plank, and said that he would do high-five push-ups. Lang Yongcheng, Xia Zhuo, and Yi Zimeng looked worried. The push-ups could not be supported, and Lin Anbang was about to leapfrog again, and Lang Yongcheng was completely speechless.

In order to participate in the practical exercise, Ouyang Jun ran around carrying the cage, and finally put the big goose in the infirmary for Yan Yibing to take care of. After running back panting, Chen Haofeng, Hou Jidong, Shao Shuai and other four veterans gave him lessons. This is not an opportunity for every recruit. After watching the launch drill of the four veterans, Hou Jidong wanted to ask Ouyang Jun three questions, and all of them would be answered by arranging him to get in the car tomorrow. Ouyang Jun’s answer did not satisfy Hou Jidong. Several people taught Ouyang Jun the first lesson, and Ouyang Junmao stopped. Lang Yongcheng is still grinding Lu Zheng, saying that Lin Anbang is a natural driver, but Lu Zheng still refuses to let go.

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