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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 13 Recap

Xia Zhuoti wanted to share the rice noodles with Yi Zimeng, but Lang Yongcheng refused to agree, and leisurely ate the noodles with poached eggs. Xia Zhuo looked directly at Lang Yongcheng. He kept holding a few words in his heart these days. He didn’t understand the meaning of such training, but Lang Yongcheng didn’t say anything. Xia Zhuo didn’t eat the fans, and ran back with the army.

Lang Yongcheng rode a motorcycle back after eating breakfast. Xia Zhuo ran back to the camp after Lang Yongcheng’s motorcycle. Seeing Wang Xianmin and others lazy, couldn’t help looking for Lu Zheng. Xia Zhuo complained that one of the four old squad leaders was riding a motorcycle to eat rice noodles, one was raising geese, one was doing Tai Chi by the lake all day, and the other was just throwing up briquettes.

They finally came here to learn knowledge. Without even knowing what he was doing, Xia Zhuo felt that the veteran was deliberately rectifying them. Xia Zhuo said if he continued like this, he would go back. Lu Zheng said that there would only be a bus here a week, so what could he do when he went back.

Xia Zhuo suffocated his stomach and ran to change the missile into a bed. He ran to Chen Haofeng and said that he was not satisfied with the training camp and asked them to clearly tell them what they needed to do every day. Chen Haofeng was very angry. He didn’t care what Xia Zhuo thought, as long as the missile appeared in his class before 8 o’clock tomorrow morning. Xia Zhuo kept saying that this missile could not be done. Chen Haofeng almost rushed to beat him.

Hou Jidong stopped him quickly, and then told them that the mission of a soldier is to obey orders and obey commands. How could they let them do useless work! Hou Jidong painstakingly told them the reasons for letting them do these things. The missile model was made to let them understand the size and location of the various organs inside the missile; the egg was peeled to practice the flexibility of their fingers; the goose was raised because it is natural. Alarms can also stop snakes.

Qualified missile soldiers need strong physique, tenacious will, dexterous hands, and familiar data and parameters. All of their training is for recruits to meet this requirement. Xia Zhuo understood, but he thought they should tell them the reason in advance. Chen Haofeng scolded Xia Zhuo for being too anxious. All positions in the Rocket Army need to temper their character!

The Battle Blade Company was formally established. At the moment when he saluted the Company Banner, An Lei told everyone that they were the ultimate killer in the battle. Lin Anbang looked at this scene from the sidelines, feeling a little bitter in his heart. During the weekend holiday, Lin Anbang ran to donate and met Lang Yongcheng, and the two went to eat rice noodles together. Lang Yongcheng didn’t expect Lin Anbang to keep the money in his eyes all day, just to donate wells to the mountainous area.

This is the sixteenth he donated. Lin Anbang was born in a mountain village where there is a shortage of water, so he often relocates the entire village for water sources. His living experience since childhood made him understand the life of the people in the mountain village better, so he saved money to donate wells since high school. When Lang Yongcheng asked Lin Anbang if he wanted to join the War Blade Company, Lin Anbang was very excited.

After returning, Lang Yongcheng went to Lu Zheng and said that he wanted Lin Anbang to be his close disciple. Lu Zheng felt that it was difficult for Lin Anbang to be a member of the War Blade, so Lang Yongcheng asked him to transfer Lin Anbang, and none of the children who were learning to drive did not have the energy of Lin Anbang.

Lu Zheng stared at Lang Yongcheng from left to right, and quickly asked him if Lin Anbang had looked for him. After the two had been talking for a long time, Lu Zheng still couldn’t transfer Lin Anbang over, which would be unfair to those who had passed the exams and eliminated them so hard. Lang Yongcheng had to offer a secondment, and if Lin Anbang performed well, let him stay. Lu Zheng said that he would discuss with the instructor.

Suddenly, Lu Zheng was called to the cooking class and said that something was wrong. The food supplies delivered this time were all fake. Lu Zheng was also stupid and quickly called An Lei. An Lei asked them what they did when they received the goods. If the supplies were dropped during the war, would they close their eyes to receive it?

An Lei asked Lu Zheng to figure out a solution, but Lu Zheng couldn’t tell. The cooking class was also struggling because of this incident. Lu Zheng took Quanlian up the mountain to dig wild vegetables. Yi Zimeng was different from Xia Zhuo. Hou Jidong told Yi Zimeng that all he had was hogweed, not wild vegetables. When Wang Xianmin saw the pig grass, he let Yi Zimeng keep it for the big goose.

Ouyang Jun found some pine tree ponds, although this kind of thing can not be hungry, but it can alleviate people’s hunger. Chen Haofeng was very pleased when he saw this, and asked him if he wanted to learn a missile doctor. Ouyang Jun refused. He wanted to learn missile launching from Hou Jidong. Because the food was not good, everyone had a miserable life. Xia Zhuo complained that he couldn’t eat it. Ouyang Jun gritted his teeth and ate it.

Thanks to the outside of the storage room, it would be even worse if it was inside. The whistle blew for an emergency assembly, and the brigade ordered the War Blade Company to enter the standby storage to enter the survival exercise. Although it was difficult, this was the answer they had to hand in. The company set aside ten people to guard the camp during the exercise. Yi Zimeng, who had always wanted to stay, did not stay, but Ouyang Jun was kept. Ouyang Jun requested to enter the standby warehouse, but was rejected by Lu Zheng.

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