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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 12 Recap

Xia Zhuo heard that Yu Quanhai was going to leave him specially, and asked if he could meet him in the future. He admired Yu Quanhai very much and wanted to chat with him a few more words. Yu Quanhai told him that the 270 brigade was stationed in three provinces across the country. They were stationed in turns. They might see them soon, or they might never see them again. This is the army and this is the rocket army. During his time as a soldier, he would meet a lot of people. Yu Quanhai tells Xia Zhuo meaningfully that everyone who has experienced it should not be in vain.

What can be learned from them and what they can understand is the most important thing. Xia Zhuo told Yu Quanhai his name, and he was very happy to meet him. Yu Quanhai remembered his name and turned into the car to leave. Xia Zhuo deeply experienced that he was experiencing glorious years all the time. Although he didn’t know how many people he would meet, he would seriously remember those who gave him insights.

After experiencing the devil training camp, everyone once again entered the Elders Village, which was the last stop of the selection camp. During the hike up the mountain, Xia Zhuo looked at the landscape filled with immortality, and suddenly there was a scene of several immortals in white contesting in his eyes. Those people were the faces of the four elders Lang Yongcheng, Wang Xianmin, Chen Haofeng, and Hou Jidong. When they arrived at the Elder Village, Lang Yongcheng and others were making a fire, but they couldn’t make it.

The conditions of the barracks are relatively difficult, and the dormitory has no beds but a floor. The water pipe is also broken. Hou Jidong asked them to engage in the camp in the afternoon. Ouyang Jun didn’t understand the main content of the selection. Hou Jidong answered meaningfully, learn to live. Lin Anbang couldn’t sleep at night, and recalled the university life with Xia Zhuo, Ouyang Jun and Yi Zimeng. At that time, he was very happy and happier. It was far more carefree than now. Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun picked up their books and lit the night. read.

Early the next morning, Lang Yongcheng rode a small electric donkey to ask everyone to gather. The camp was too small and didn’t have enough exercises, so he had to run back and forth from here to the mountain town every day, a total of ten kilometers. Lang Yongcheng has a small reward. There is a town in the town where rice noodles are delicious. Whoever is the first, he will buy rice noodles. Lang Yongcheng rode his little eDonkey down the mountain leisurely, with a large group of people behind his buttocks.

Yi Zimeng caught a cold last night and shouted that he couldn’t run. Xia Zhuo, who was running in the front row with Ouyang Jun, quickly returned to take Yi Zimeng with him. Ouyang Jun was the first to arrive, and Lang Yongcheng ordered him a bowl of rice noodles as agreed. Everyone arrived. Yi Zimeng looked at the gluttonous fans in front of him, and said that he wanted to buy a bowl of noodles at his own expense.

However, Lang Yongcheng said that only the first person is eligible to eat noodles, and the first person is eligible to take his motorcycle butt. Xia Zhuo heard it and took a photo, saying that it was for tomorrow, and Lang Yongcheng remembered him. Xia Zhuo and others ran back bitterly, Lang Yongcheng took Ouyang Jun back on a motorcycle, and Yi Zimeng felt a little sorry for Xia Zhuo.

At breakfast, Hou Jidong asked them to peel off the eggs flawlessly, but if there were any defects, they didn’t need to eat them. After all, Hou Jidong personally peeled an egg for everyone as a standard example. Lang Yongcheng asked them to write about missile cognition, only Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun wrote it, and Lang Yongcheng asked them to go in and find Chen Haofeng. Chen Haofeng talked about the lack of teachers and equipment in the training camp, and everything was more difficult. Ouyang Jun mentioned that Xia Zhuo had a very strong hands-on ability. He built an escape pod when he was in college. Xia Zhuo said embarrassedly that he almost couldn’t get out when he went in.

In the end, he was shocked by 119 before he was rescued. Chen Haofeng said that without teaching aids, he asked Xia Zhuo to build a missile model, while Ouyang Jun was responsible for the launch platform. Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun looked speechless, they could only ran into the woods to find wood, and wondered if they were correcting themselves. Later, Xia Zhuo and the others found the wood they needed and began to make missile models.

Early the next morning, Xia Zhuo ran first as he wished and ate the rice noodles he had always dreamed of. Yi Zimeng felt that he would not be able to eat this bowl of noodles in the future, and Xia Zhuo proposed to distribute the noodles to him.

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