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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 6 Recap

Xie Xiaoni discovered the error in Chengtian’s account book. Chengtian was very happy. When she saw that she could read the account book, she asked her to help herself. Xie Xiaoni also told Chengtian that it was easy to settle accounts, as long as she understood the formula. Because Xie Xiaoni did not pay the tuition fee, she always worked to pay for the tuition, but Aunt Mei asked Xie Xiaoni to do her homework, and Chengtian also said that she would give her a lecture.

Yan Wenxiu said that Yunniang valued Xie Xiaoni, no matter how hard they tried, no one would pretend to be pitiful. Xie Xiaoni returned, and Jin Chan and Yucui asked her to cook porridge again. Xie Xiaoni had no choice but to do it because she did not pay the tuition. Aunt Mei was very unhappy when she saw this, she came to the school angrily with the pumpkin porridge. Yan Wenxiu pretended to be a good person and was scolded by Aunt Mei. Xie Xiaoni was not her girl, so don’t behave indiscriminately in the future!

Yan Wenxiu therefore hated Xie Xiaoni and asked her what she planned for the future, saying that she hadn’t made any progress after coming for so long. Xie Xiaoni said that he didn’t want to have more troubles, nor did he want to argue with them. Chengtian did a good job of accounting this time, and Yun Niang was very satisfied. Chengtian said Xie Xiaoni was instructed.

Xie Xiaoni lighted wax to do her homework. Yan Wenxiu complained that the candles dangled and her eyes hurt. Jin Chan and Yu Cui began to curse again. Xie Xiaoni took the candle out without saying a word to embroider. Jin Chan was about to lock the door, and Yuan Xiang stayed angrily. , Said to keep the gate for her.

Seeing Xie Xiaoni embroidering things in the yard, Yunniang didn’t say anything. Yan Wenxiu ran to find Yunniang to pretend to be a good person. Xie Xiaoni just came to Yunniang with the embroidery. Seeing that she had some cough, Yunniang knew that she had a cold last night, so that she would live with Aunt Mei from today without blowing cold wind. .

Yunniang gave Xie Xiaoni three months, if you can’t keep up with the progress, don’t study. Yan Wenxiu slumped, and Aunt Mei knew Yunniang’s knife-mouthed tofu heart, and she disliked Xie Xiaoni on the surface but favored her everywhere.

In the evening, Aunt Mei made brown sugar ginger tea for Xie Xiaoni to get rid of the cold, saying that it was Yun Niang. Xie Xiaoni studied hard all day and made rapid progress. Two years later, Yuan Daocheng has led the Palace and City Bureau. Ouyang Ziyu took a small road to Huaizhou City, not forgetting to enjoy the scenery along the way. Jiangnan has lost a lot of tribute due to the floods. Yuan Daocheng asked Gao Dao to think about it a little bit.

Chengtian, Yuanxiang, and Xie Xiaoni went out to buy cloth, and when they saw steamed buns on the roadside, Xie Xiaoni thought of Ouyang Ziyu. Chengtian and Yuanxiang were fighting, and when they arrived in Huaizhou, Ouyang Ziyu smiled. Ouyang Ziyu’s insights into the floods in Huaizhou in the teahouse attracted Zhao Tongshen’s attention. Zhao Tongshen saw that it was His Royal Highness that Luo Wang hurriedly luggage, and invited him to the house.

Zhao Tongshen asked Yunjinzhuang to make two clothes for longevity. Yuanxiang hurried back to let everyone make clothes and ran back to wait for the goods with Yunniang. Yan Wenxiu deliberately made the wrong statement about two clothes and asked Xie Xiaoni to do it herself. Zhao Tongshen asked Ouyang Ziyu to stay in Huaizhou for a few more days, and asked him to live in his own courtyard, which was next to Yunjinzhuang, and the two were considered brothers. Yun Niang was very angry because she embroidered the wrong pattern.

Yan Wenxiu began to pretend to be pitiful and said Yun Niang had embroidered it wrong, but it was obvious that Yan Wenxiu had said the wrong thing, and the two began to argue. Yunniang was very angry when she saw that they shirked each other’s responsibilities, so she fined Yuanxiang, Xie Xiaoni, Jin Chan and Cuiyu, and asked Yan Wenxiu to embroider her clothes again. Everyone was very dissatisfied. Jin Chan and Cuiyu also knew that Yan Wenxiu had said the opposite. Yuan Xiang cried aggrievedly, and she clearly didn’t say anything wrong! In order not to hurt everyone, Xie Xiaoni decided to go to Yunniang to admit her mistake.

Chengtian was punished because of Xie Xiaoni to fight for her. Yunniang naturally knew Xie Xiaoni’s loyalty, but she was only deliberately polishing her. Chengtian took out Zhao Tongshen’s letter to Yunniang, saying that he had brought it with him. Yunniang asked everyone to make a set of clothes for Aunt Mei within three days. At this time, Zhao Tongshen and Ouyang Ziyu came, and Xie Xiaoni saw him lower his head quickly, but everyone was shocked by Ouyang Ziyu’s appearance. .

Ouyang Ziyu asked Yunniang to find an apprentice to explain Huaizhou manufacturing, and Ouyang Ziyu saw Xie Xiaoni hiding behind at a glance. Yan Wenxiu took the initiative to ask, but Ouyang Ziyu ignored it, but pointed to Xie Xiaoni. Ouyang Ziyu asked her what her name was, and Xie Xiaoni replied that she was also willing to listen to her assignment. Yunniang asked Xie Xiaoni to raise her head. Ouyang Ziyu felt that she was very familiar. Xie Xiaoni quickly denied that she was from Huaizhou and had never been to Beijing.

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