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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 5 Recap

Several people saw that Xie Xiaoni was also a decent girl, how could she end up here? Xie Xiaoni was afraid that she couldn’t remember the things before, so she even made up a name called Nishang. Knowing that she was acting, Madam Zhao quickly told Xie Xiaoni that Yunniang was a well-known school uniform in Huaizhou City. If she could stay, it would be her chance. Xie Xiaoni hurried out to beg Yun Niang to recognize her as an apprentice. She wanted to learn her skills to be a successful business woman. Her parents and family have died and there is nowhere to go.

However, Yunniang thought that Xie Xiaoni had too many eyes and there was no truth in her mouth, and Yunjinzhuang was a place to learn art and did not dare to provoke. Xie Xiaoni pleaded pitifully, Yunniang just let go, let Xie Xiaoni fill up the five big water tanks tomorrow morning and accept her as a disciple. Xie Xiaoni was spoiled and spoiled, and Yunniang expected that she could not bear the hardship. Yunniang’s son Chengtian took the initiative to help, but Xie Xiaoni ignored it. Until late at night, Xie Xiaoni was still carrying water. She must stay in Yunjinzhuang and survive to learn her skills to avenge them.

When dawn broke the next day, everyone saw that Xie Xiaoni was still struggling to carry water and sighed that she was pitiful, but Chengtian knew she was so strong. It’s raining, Zhao Tongshen and Madam Zhao took her back to avoid the rain, the water tank was not full, Yunniang asked Xie Xiaoni to follow Zhao Tongshen to leave. Xie Xiaoni was not reconciled. He pointed to the tank and said that it was full. Although it was rain that filled the tank, Yunniang didn’t say how to count when it was full. After Zhao Tongshen and Madam Zhao’s lobbying, Yunniang finally agreed to accept Xie Xiaoni.

The killer Shen Lan, because his brother and Xie Feng died together, brought a sword to Su Gongming for five hundred taels. Su Gongming quickly got five hundred taels of silver tickets to save his life and begged him not to tell the matter. Xie Xiaoni was doing some chores in Yunjinzhuang all day long, but Yunniang didn’t teach her to learn art, so Xie Xiaoni ran to eavesdrop, and was finally driven out by Yunniang.

Chengtian kindly helped, Yan Wenxiu laughed at him for being nosy, and the two were punished by Yun Niang to stand. After Yunniang left, Chengtian naturally wanted to leave, but was tricked by Yan Wenxiu. Seeing that Xie Xiaoni was holding a bucket with difficulty and wanted to be stopped by Yan Wenxiu, Chengtian felt that Xie Xiaoni was a serious beauty, and ran to Yunniang to intercede for her. But Yunniang felt that Xie Xiaoni’s origin was unknown and refused to teach her.

The cloth in Yunjinzhuang faded, and Aunt Mei took the young man to complain. Xie Xiaoni asked her where the cloth was kept, and she soon knew why it faded. Aunt Mei put the cloth in the closet and also put agarwood, so the color faded, and Aunt Mei wronged Xiaosi. Xie Xiaoni also said that he had a way to restore the color of the cloth. The crowd did not understand what she was doing, but Chengtian believed her. Soon the cloth recovered its color, and Aunt Mei was very happy.

Yuan Daocheng went to the Sujia Silk Cloth Shop and said he wanted to take a look at the account book. Su Wenyu happened to be holding the account book, and Su Gongming hurriedly drove him away. The business of the Su family gets better and better, Yuan Daocheng and Gao Dao want to mention the share, and Su Gongming repeatedly promised. After the two left, Su Gongming became anxious. When Yunniang was in class, Xie Xiaoni came to peek again.

When Yunniang saw this, she asked her to come to class together tomorrow. Xie Xiaoni was very happy. Xie Xiaoni finally changed into coarse cloth clothes and came to class in student clothes, but Yan Wenxiu was not happy. Chengtian often asked Yuanxiang and the others to teach Xie Xiaoni stitches, and Xie Xiaoni studied very seriously. One day in class, Xie Xiaoni was too late to chop wood, and only half of the embroidery was embroidered, which was crooked.

Yun Niang was very dissatisfied. Chengtian couldn’t stand to stand up for Xie Xiaoni. She had to do a lot of work all day long. Yan Wenxiu’s two followers, Jin Chan and Cuiyu, always excluded her. Yuan Xiang also spoke for Xie Xiaoni. They often laughed at Xie Xiaoni and instructed her to do it. live. Yan Wenxiu jokes that Yuanxiang’s family has fallen for half a year and has not taught the tuition fees to please Chengtian. Yuanxiang ran out in a huff.

Xie Xiaoni explained the reason for her crooked embroidery, and Yun Niang also admired her thoughts. Yuan Xiang cried because of Yan Wenxiu’s words, Chengtian hurriedly came to comfort her, and soon Yuan Xiang was coaxed to be happy. Xie Xiaoni came to Yuanxiang to apologize, Yuanxiang and Chengtian also came out because they couldn’t stand it. Yan Wenxiu canceled Xie Xiaoni to hang up her embroidery, Xie Xiaoni coldly ignored it. Chengtian ran to the kitchen to settle the accounts, and Xie Xiaoni glanced curiously.

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