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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 4 Recap

Ouyang Ziyu and Yuan Daocheng hope to have a more exquisite production method. After all, it is a national gift. Xie Feng said that they would think carefully. When Xie Feng left, Ouyang Ziyu flashed past events in his mind. Master Gao proposed to let the Su family participate, and Yuan Daocheng also meant this, and Ouyang Ziyu let them not worry about it. The lofty people gritted their teeth and cursed behind their backs. Ouyang Ziyu felt that Xie Feng seemed to have known each other before, but he couldn’t remember it.

Xie Xiaoni proposed to change to pearl powder to make Symphony Luo, Xie Feng and Xie’s father thought it was feasible. The high-quality pearl powder bestowed by the Tian family was awarded to the Xie family to make a magical color Luo. Yuan Daocheng and Gao Dao decided to do bad things behind their backs. Su Gongming worried that replacing the royal pearl powder with ordinary pearl powder would be a capital crime, but Gao did not care. A few words provoked Su Gongming’s determination to bring down the Xie family.

The messenger from Xizhou developed a large rash, which should be a problem with the clothes given by the imperial court. Yuan Daocheng directly reported to the Heavenly Family. The Xie family was searched, and the unopened imperial gift was taken out from nowhere. The officer wanted to take away all of the Xie family. Xie Xiaoni and Xie Feng wanted to defend themselves. Thanks to their father, Xie Jiaxing was sitting upright and not afraid of anything!

The whole family of the Xie family entered the Dali Temple. Ouyang Ziyu heard about this incident and came to Yuan Daocheng. He thought that there might be some misunderstanding about the good conduct of the Xie family, and asked them if they have any other evidence. Ouyang Ziyu believed that the Xie family would not do such a thing, so he must understand it. Yuan Daocheng scolded Mr. Gao and replaced it with ordinary pearl powder. Su Gongming used inferior pearl powder. If the messenger had a problem, they might want to get in.

The trial of Dali Temple began. The four of Xie’s clothes were in rags. Xie Xiaoni was surprised to see Ouyang Ziyu. Seeing that they were all being tortured, Ouyang Ziyu asked Master He why the torture had not yet been tried, and told the Master that it was for them to suffer a bit, and he did not put Ouyang Ziyu in his eyes at all. Father Xie cried out that he was upright and honest, and never secretly exchanged pearl powder, but the imperial gift pearl powder was in Xie’s mansion. The evidence is solid, and Ouyang Ziyu doesn’t know how to speak. In the end, the four of the Xie family were sentenced to exile and will never be able to oppose Beijing! Xie’s family cried out for injustice, Xie Xiaoni cried and called Baozi, but Ouyang Ziyu left without hearing it.

Ouyang Ziyu felt that today’s little girl was a little familiar, and she always felt that she was missing something very important. He didn’t expect the incorrupt-looking Xie family to do such a thing. All of the family properties of the Xie family were confiscated, and on the way out of exile, servants rushed to see him off. Father Xie felt ashamed of everyone, and the guys were also very sad, and took out the clothes and food for them. Xie Xiaoni secretly tells Hongrui that she buried some jewelry for her to find out. She has no parents and this is the dowry she gave her. Su Wenyu hurried over but could only watch them leave. He ran home and begged Su Gongming to save Xie’s family. Su Gongming said that they might come back when things subsided, so he was relieved.

Su Gongming came to apologize to Master Gao, and the envoy from Xizhou was healed. Yuan Daocheng did not punish him, and praised him for his cleanliness. It turned out that Zhao Wu, a young man in the Su family who had been driven out by the Xie family for stealing things, asked him to go to the Xie family to deliver things, otherwise he would be sent to see an officer.

Zhao Wu secretly exchanged pearl powder by talking to his cousin. Su Gongming gave a lot of silver to Master Gao, and Master Gao is only satisfied. However, the Xie family still has a chance to make a comeback, so that Su Gongming will not leave any troubles. He did this alone. If the Dongchuang incident happens in the future, he will also be alone. Carry.

On the way to exile, Xie’s father and Xie’s mother had already run out of strength. When someone passed by to sell alcohol, the officials were greedy and rested for a while. Xie Feng was wondering how someone would sell alcohol here, and the official fell down. The one who sold the alcohol directly killed Xie’s family. Xie father and Xie The mother was killed to protect her daughter.

Xie Feng pulled Xie Xiaoni and ran away, and finally ran to the cliff. Xie Feng gave Xie Xiaoni the ocarina given by Xie Xiaoni’s father and told her to live well and then fall down the cliff alone with the assassin. Xie Xiaoni watched Xie Feng fall off the cliff with his own eyes, crying heartbreakingly, and secretly made up his mind that he will definitely survive!

Xie Xiaoni fainted in the mountains, and woke up again in a house. Zhao Tongshen and his wife found her fainted and brought her back. Zhao Tongshen also told Xie Xiaoni that the woman beside her was Yunniang from Yunjinzhuang, and Xie Xiaoni was here thanks to her promise. Xie Xiaoni quickly got up and thanked the three saviors.

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