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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 3 Recap

In the first game, the Su-style won the majority of votes, and the second round of the competition was fixed, and the result would be clear after three days. Su Wenyu finally met Xie Xiaoni on the street and quickly stepped forward. Xie Xiaoni thought he was a bully brother. Su Wenyu was about to apologize to her, but Xie Xiaoni refused to accept it. When Xie Xiaoni learned that he was from the Su family, Xie Xiaoni even cursed directly. Xie Feng hurried to Xie Xiaoni.

Brought home. Su Wenyu didn’t know if he really hurried home after cheating. He happened to hear that his father and Su Gongming were arguing. Everyone could see that such a complicated embroidery could not be completed in two days. Big Brother Su also knew that Su Gongming had long been involved. Knowing the proposition, the embroiderer carefully prepared it. Big Brother Su rebuked Su Gongming for his nonsense to shame the Su family, but Su Gongming said that he could no longer look back.

Xie Xiaoni was keeping accounts, and Su Wenyu came to her again and came up to apologize directly. He knew that the Su family was indeed invincible. Xie Xiaoni pulled him to speak clearly. Su Wenyu refused. After all, he couldn’t report himself. Su Wenyu wanted to go. Xie’s family proposed marriage, Xie and Su’s two married, Xie Xiaoni beat him up and went back.

The second round began, and the two sides could hardly distinguish between each other. Xie Feng suggested that the two fabrics should be exposed to the hot sun. Even if the fabrics of their Xie family were exposed to the sun for three days, the color was still new. After exposing the three sticks of incense to the sun, the Xie’s fabric did not fade, and the Xie’s won.

The third round of the competition was Chi. When Xie Xiaoni was worried, Ouyang Ziyu showed her the painting he drew. Xie Xiaoni was still worried about the topic. Ouyang Ziyu foolishly pointed to the neon on the horizon to show her. Xie Xiaoni suddenly Got an idea. Xie Xiaoni told Xie Feng what she thought, and Xie Feng agreed, but the fabric required for the formula was expensive, and even if it was used and won, it could not be used by the people in the future. Xie Xiaoni wanted to substitute something else, Xie Feng could only let her try.

Ouyang Ziyu saw a lot of novelties on the street and had a lot of fun. Xie Xiaoni was about to go to the venue when he heard that he was gone, and hurried to find someone. Ouyang Ziyu ran over to the place where the buns were sold, but was knocked out by the vendor without paying for each one. Xie Xiaoni looked around for Ouyang Ziyu anxiously, but no one said he hadn’t seen him. In the third round of the competition, the Su family made a pure royal red color.

Su Wenyu saw that Xie Xiaoni hadn’t come and ran away secretly. The fabrics of Xie’s family looked unpretentious, but they didn’t want to wear neon colors on them, which was really exquisite for everyone. Su Gongming said that they had digressed, but Xie’s father retorted with dissatisfaction and named the cloth Huan Cai Luo. Yuan Daocheng spoke, saying that the Xie family was indeed off-topic, so he could not be judged to win.

When Yuan Daocheng was about to announce the result, Ouyang Ziyu appeared in a sash. It turned out that Ouyang Ziyu was picked up by Xiaolu, and he did not remember the memories with Xie Xiaoni at all. Ouyang Ziyu, who had just woken up, only remembered that today was the day of the final election of the Fairview Conference, and rushed over. When Xie’s father and Xie Feng saw that the bun who lived in their house was actually the prince, their faces were all incredulous.

Ouyang Ziyu had seen two fabrics and said that Xie’s fabrics were amazing, and asked all officials present to vote to show fairness. In the end, the Xie family won and won the title of tribute merchant. Xie Feng always wanted to talk to Ouyang Ziyu, but Xie’s father stopped him. Xie Xiaoni walked down the street desperately thinking about buns, worried that he would be bullied while hungry, while Ouyang Ziyu’s carriage passed her by. Of course, Su Gongming was not satisfied with this result, and came to Yuan Daocheng and Gao Dao. Master Gao said that Xie’s family will have to deal with the Palace and City Bureau in the future, and there are ways to treat them. Master Gao wanted Su Gongming to use his money to buy a banquet three days later, and Su Gongming was so angry.

Xie’s family became a tribute merchant. Xie’s father and Xie Feng thought of Ouyang Ziyu’s affairs, so they decided to keep it secret. After all, he was a prince, and he couldn’t know that he was a fool in the past. Xie’s father told Xie Feng not to take this Tell Xie Xiaoni.

Su Wenyu came to Xie Xiaoni to congratulate him. Xie Xiaoni knew that the Xie family had won. Su Wenyu chased her and said that he would take her to see the flowers in ten days. Xie Xiaoni agreed. Yuan Daocheng and Ouyang Ziyu called Xie Feng and asked him about the gift of Symphony Luo to the envoy of Xizhou.

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