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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 2 Recap

Xie Xiaoni brought Ouyang Ziyu home. Xie’s father and Xie’s mother hurried over when he heard that Xie Feng explained that he should have fallen off the mountain road. Xie Xiaoni had to be here to watch him wake up to feel at ease, let Xie’s father rush back, let Xie Feng find two maids to look at him, and send people back when he wakes up. Unidentified people should be less provoked. Xie Xiaoni ran back secretly, looking at the unconscious Ouyang Ziyu and sighing that he was handsome. Ouyang Ziyu woke up suddenly, Xie Xiaoni had doubts, but he didn’t say a word.

He saw the buns on the table running over regardless of leg injuries, and swallowed several in one bite. Father Xie and Xie Feng arrived and asked what Ouyang Ziyu’s name was. He didn’t answer. They just kept eating steamed buns and choked themselves. Xie Xiaoni was at a loss. Ouyang Ziyu had to eat two cages of steamed buns. Xie Xiaoni hurriedly asked Hong Rui to take the steamed buns and call a doctor over.

The doctor told them that Ouyang Ziyu had lost his mind because of the congestion in his brain. Looking at Ouyang Ziyu like a child, Xie Xiaoni asked Xie’s father to keep him. At least he had to wait for her to recover before sending him away. Xie Feng also helped her persuade her. Xie’s father could only agree to let him stay for the time being.

Ouyang Ziyu ran around the house, making Xie Xiaoni speechless. Yuan Daocheng heard that there was no news about Ouyang Ziyu, and worried that he could not get rid of the relationship and would not be good for him, so Mr. Gao quickly sent additional staff to find someone. Xie’s family keeps coming, but Xie Feng feels a little nervous. As for Ouyang Ziyu, he still asks three questions, except eating and playing. Xie Feng decided to let Ouyang Ziyu go to the workshop to do some work, so as to save him from playing all day.

The two family members teased Ouyang Ziyu with the cricket, while Su Wenyu took the handkerchief left by Xie Xiaoni all day to find someone. Jiading teased Ouyang Ziyu and was scolded by Xie Xiaoni and brought him a lot of steamed stuffed buns. Ouyang Ziyu ate steamed stuffed buns, and he seemed to have not heard Xie Xiaoni’s question. Seeing that he loves to eat buns so much, Xie Xiaoni simply called him buns. When he said that he stuffed buns into his mouth, Ouyang Ziyu took it directly, and Xie Xiaoni blushed when he saw Ouyang Ziyu’s face close at hand.

Xie Xiaoni made Ouyang Ziyu obediently obedient and wanted him to be his own big doll. He picked up rouge gouache and dressed him up. Ouyang Ziyu changed from a pretty prince to Xie Xiaoni’s big doll. Xie Feng reprimanded Xie Xiaoni for making a fool of himself, but Xie Xiaoni and Ouyang Ziyu joined forces to make a fool of himself, and they had a very happy time. Ouyang Ziyu was playing under the red cloth, Xie Xiaoni got in, Ouyang Ziyu was full of her eyes, and kissed her secretly and ran away like Huan’er.

Xie Feng found that someone was looking for someone with a portrait of Ouyang Ziyu. Xie’s father was very worried and decided to send the person away immediately. Xie Xiaoni couldn’t find Ouyang Ziyu anymore. Xie’s father persuaded her to send him away, maybe he would be found by her family. Xie Xiaoni got angry with depression, and after thinking about it, he agreed. Xie Xiaoni has been immersed in the sadness of parting with Ouyang Ziyu. When Ouyang Ziyu heard that she didn’t want to be herself, Xie Xiaoni cried very sadly and hoped that Ouyang Ziyu would get better soon, and don’t forget it in the future. Up her.

Xie Xiaoni embroidered the fabric and pointed to the pattern on it to tell Ouyang Ziyu that this is a camellia, the most beautiful flower. Xie Xiaoni embroidered Ouyang Ziyu’s clothes with camellia, and Ouyang Ziyu kept boasting about its beauty. The Xie family was selected, and Xie Feng and Xie Xiaoni were very happy. Su Gongming of the Su family was very angry and wanted to suppress the Xie family. Big Brother Su advised him to do business honestly not to do crooked things, but Su Wenyu didn’t listen to a word.

Su Gongming and Xie Feng were selected at the same time. Yuan Daocheng announced the rules of the competition. The first round of the competition is embroidery. It is necessary to complete the spring-themed draft on the designated fabrics. When leaving, Su Wenyu said something strangely, Xie Feng ignored it. The embroidery was too difficult this time, and the embroiderer was at a loss. Xie Xiaoni and Ouyang Ziyu drew together. Xie Xiaoni took a look at Ouyang Ziyu’s painting curiously, but Ouyang Ziyu fell on the ground and said that she was bullying.

Xie Xiaoni quickly started to coax him. Feng and Xie Feng didn’t care, so Xie Xiaoni led Ouyang Ziyu to eat buns. When the two-day deadline expired, the Su family embroidered a large double-sided embroidery that was amazing, but the Xie family’s work was actually somewhat simple. Xie Feng explained that this is derived from a painting by Xie Xiaoni. She believes that spring is not necessary for a hundred flowers to bloom, and a peach blossom is the best representative.

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