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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 14 Recap

Shui Wuxia and Shen Qingli sat on the roof. Shui Wuxia brought a tacit understanding of five questions. Their four answers were different. Shen Qinglijiang Baiyu’s answer was different from Shui Wuxia’s. But no matter how Shui Wuxia was, Shen Qingli seemed to be an interesting river. Bai Yu just didn’t have a tacit understanding. Jiang Tianling came to find Shui Wuxia, Shui Wuxia did not respond to him, and Shen Qingli left with Shui Wuxia.

In the morning, Qi Delong saw the note hidden in Jiang Tianling’s book and mistakenly thought that Jiang Tianling had asked her, and waited in the pavilion in a nice dress. Jiang Tianling came to the room to look for water and Wuxia did not find it. He happened to see a girl sitting in the pavilion. There, he stretched out his hand and patted her on the shoulder and called the girl.

The girl turned her head and found that it was Zidron. Qi Delong felt a little depressed when he learned that Jiang Tianling was doing this for Shui Wuxia. Jiang Tianling told Qi Delong that Fang Yun had set off fireworks and sent her rouge and gouache. Everything was around her. It was because she was in her heart. Qi Delong learned of these things and ran back to the room. Fang Yuncheng caught up with Qi Delong but ignored him and went back to the room. Close the door.

Shen Qingli brought Shui Wuxia to a place with many beautiful flowers. Before smelling the scent of daisies on her body, she thought she liked daisies, so Shen Qingli sent a bunch of daisies to Wuxia. Before, only brother knew that Shui Wuxia liked daisies and would buy them on her birthday to celebrate her birthday, but then when her brother was gone, no one knew that she liked daisies and would never have a happy birthday. Shen Qingli asked Shui Wuxia what her birthday wishes, and Shui Wuxia wanted to see what Shen Qingli looked like. Shen Qingli covered Shui Wuxian’s eyes. He took off the mask and revealed Jiang Baiyu’s face. He took her hand and placed it on his face for her to touch. The two romantically kissed.

Shui Wuxia woke up early in the morning and saw Jiang Baiyu look at her by the bed and was startled. She got out of bed and poured water on her own. Jiang Baiyu was surprised to find that her eyes seemed to be good, and the two embraced happily. The old lady came to give Shui Wuxia some black goji berries. As soon as she walked in, she saw the two holding each other. The old lady was very happy to see this scene, and hurried away after delivering the things, leaving them to get along.

Baxi found the clue, and asked Jiang Baiyu, Shui Wuxia and others to rush over. Baxi told them that the people in Wanmatang had taken a few carts of green alum oil this morning. This green alum oil can not only dissolve the iron but also destroy the corpses. It is called corpse water in the rivers and lakes. Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia took the clothes of the two people from Wanmatang and changed them to Wanmatang to see the situation. Jiang Tianling and Fang Yuncheng hurried to report to the officials, and Baxi and Qi Delong were here to let go. Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia entered Wanmatang and found that Ma Rulong used a living person to test the medicine.

The two came out to stop them and were surrounded by people from Wanmatang. Jiang Baiyu took out the silver ticket in his arms and threw it on the ground. Everyone squatted down to pick up money and ignored them. Jiang Tianling and others arrived with officers and soldiers, and Ma Rulong and others were arrested. The evidence in Ma Rulong’s case was conclusive and there was no reversal. The prefect said that he would investigate all the things Ma Rulong did and would never tolerate it.

Jiang Baiyu went to the master to talk about the incident. Now that there are all human and physical evidence and all the top pharmacists in Chong’an are assisting in the investigation, there is absolutely no possibility that Ma Rulong can reverse the case this time. Shui Wuxia looked at the daisy bracelet in her hand. Her brother liked daisy very much, but this bracelet suddenly appeared on Ma Rulong’s medicine bag, and she wondered if she had any connection with her brother.

Usually when Zhanzhi mentioned Shui Wuxia Jiang Baiyu was always frowning, but this time he found him smiling. As soon as Zhezhi saw it, he felt that there was a very gossip about the situation and asked him. Jiang Baiyu said that he just kissed him. Zhezhi was very excited to hear the details, but Jiang Baiyu did not say. Jiang Baiyu bought a pair of couple bracelets. He lost the women’s bracelet and asked Zhezhi to find someone to help make one.

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