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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 13 Recap

Jiang Tianling looked at the pear blossoms full of trees. He remembered that Shui Wuxia said that her birthday was July 17, which meant that her birthday was tomorrow. Jiang Tianling didn’t know what to do. At this time, Jiang Tianling’s father came over and asked him what he was thinking so fascinated. Jiang Tianling said it was a pity to watch the pear blossoms fall. The master asked Jiang Tianling if they were staring at Wanma Hall, and now they are not staring at Wanma Hall.

The master asked Jiang Tianling what was on his mind, Jiang Tianling said that he was thinking about how his father chased his mother back then. The master smiled and praised himself as a talent. In Jiang Tianling’s heart, his mother was a person with a great sense of ceremony. She would celebrate every festival, but he felt that his father was incomprehensible and even his mother’s birthday had not been expressed, the master laughed. For them, it was a trip to the two-person world.

Jiang Baiyu came to the shop where Baxi bought the medicine. Although the two kinds of baiyao, Jinfengyulu pill and Yiwenzhizhi pill, are both white, they have completely different effects. When you ask the pill, you can tell the truth. Fengyulu pills can make people confused, and Baxi should have given Jiang Baiyu the wrong medicine that day. Jiang Baiyu got up and wanted to leave. The boss caught up and said that he knew that the pill was a bluff when he asked, but he used Jinfeng Yulu pill to really work.

After Jiang Baiyu determined the effect of the medicine, he asked the boss to pack all the Jinfeng Yulu pills, closed the door and beat the boss to take both medicines away. Jiang Baiyu took the two medicines in front of Baxi and asked her which one was Jinfengyulu pill and that was the pill that you asked for. Baxi pointed to Yuanyuan’s pill without hesitation and said it was pill for you.

Jiang Baiyu said The owner of the drugstore said that it was Jinfeng Yulu Pills for aphrodisiac. Could it be that he was cheated by the boss and wanted to go to the boss to settle the account. Baxi learns that he has given the wrong medicine, and finds Shui Wuxia to admit her mistake. Shui Wuxia asks Baxi to hang up a lantern and wait for Shen Qingli to see her and ask him to go to Jiangfu to look for her. She will explain the medicine to him clearly. ask clearly.

Jiang Tianling went to the street to choose a birthday gift for Shui Wuxia, but he never found a suitable one. After returning home, he decided to make one by himself. After Shui Wuxia returned to her house, she chose the balm, and picked a chamomile that was not strong nor weak, and Jiang Baiyu heard her talking to herself. Jiang Baiyu looked at her hair and wanted to pick up the cloth on the table to wipe her hair, but was punched by her, and he sat down in pain.

Shui Wuxia asked Jiang Baiyu if she had any bad thoughts again. Jiang Baiyu explained that she wanted to wipe her hair when she saw her wet hair and handed her the cloth on her hand to prove her innocence. Shui Wuxia asked Jiang Baiyu if someone misunderstood him and slapped him in vain and didn’t even give him a chance to explain, he would still think it was his fault. Would he still want to see him again? Jiang Baiyu answered that he would never see each other unless he liked her, Shui Wuxia was sure that Shen Qingli would come.

Shen Qingli and Shui Wuxia sat on the roof. Shui Wuxia explained to him that she had misunderstood what happened that day, and asked her doubts clearly. She was very happy to learn that Shen Qingli liked her. The two chatted happily, but Fang Yuncheng interrupted one after another, and Shen Qingli had to leave.

Shui Wuxia and Shen Qingli were very happy after they resolved their misunderstanding. Jiang Baiyu brought Shui Wuxia pastry, saw her big smiling face, and praised her for her good-looking smile. Shui Wuxia heard that he suppressed the corners of his mouth and said that he did not smile. Jiang Baiyu did not like Shui Wuxia who took out the pastry with five-ren filling, and he took out Huangqi water but she didn’t like it either.

Jiang Baiyu said that he just wanted to be good to Shui Wuxia, and Shui Wuxia told him not to treat her anymore, saying that because they had no tacit understanding. Jiang Baiyu suggested to try the five questions of tacit understanding from Baxi. But they have no tacit understanding, and each answer is different.

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