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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 40 Recap

When the mother and daughter returned home, Nan Li took good care of her daughter who had just gone through menarche, reflecting on her previous craziness in education choices. Nan Jianlong and Cai Juying were worried about Huanhuan. They must visit Nan Li’s house. Tian Yulan was worried that there would be risks on the road during the epidemic and took the initiative to drive them for them.

Unexpectedly, they were hitting Nan Li with a high fever and fell ill in bed. Tian Yulan sent Nan Li to the emergency department. During the epidemic, the hospital was highly protected and the atmosphere was unprecedentedly tense. This made Nan Li and Tian Yulan feel more pressure. While waiting for the results, Nan Li sent Xia Junshan the passwords of various bank accounts, as well as Huanhuan and Chaochao’s policy numbers, etc., in Hexia

In Junshan’s phone call, Nan Li couldn’t help but “confess the funeral.” Nan Li sadly said that she regretted it. The last thing she regretted was that on the day the father and son set out to Jiangxi, she didn’t send them off.

The aunt took her mother to the hospital, leaving Huanhuan alone in her empty home, terrified in her heart. At this time, Mi Tao took the initiative to call Huanhuan on a video call, and Huanhuan confided to Mi Tao that she wondered if her mother would be quarantined, because her mother had a fever because she went out to find herself. Huanhuan also plucked up the courage to apologize to Mi Tao, hoping that Mi Tao can forgive her previous behavior. Mi Tao said that she hadn’t been angry for a long time, and the two agreed to continue to be friends.

Fortunately, Nan Li was only a common cold caused by the rain while searching for Huanhuan, but she still thanked Tian Yulan for being with him at the critical moment. Worried about cross-infection, Tian Yulan and Nan Li discussed and asked Yan Peng to take Huanhuan to Tian Yulan’s house in advance. The sisters lived in Nan Li’s house alone. Tian Yulan took good care of Nan Li, but the two of them were still confused. It’s a bit of a happy enemy.

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