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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 39 Recap

Xia Junshan and Nan Li have been married for more than ten years. This is the first time that they have not been together to celebrate the New Year. When the two were separated, they were in a state of cold war. Along with the bell at midnight on New Year’s Eve, Xia Junshan called Nan Li. The two recalled the past and their relationship eased, but when it comes to children’s education at the moment, they still can’t reach a consensus.

One night during the holiday, Huanhuan found out that she had a fever. Dizziness, diarrhea, and chest tightness were accompanied by the fever. Huanhuan checked the symptoms of new coronary pneumonia on the Internet and found that she was all on it, so she panicked.

Nan Li found that Huanhuan had left a note saying that he would go to the bookstore, but Nanli could not find Huanhuan in the bookstore, so he was anxious and braved the heavy rain to search around. Teachers such as Xia Junshan, Nan Jianlong, Cai Juying, Tian Yulan, and Zhang Xueer in Jiangxi are all helping to find Huanhuan. Finally, inspired by Zhang Xueer, Nan Li found the symptoms of Huanhuan Yiyihuan in front of the glass palace next to the book city. They were just incidental reactions of menarche, but Huanhuan did not understand.

In this glass palace, Huanhuan once participated in the chorus Bijian here, which carries her happiest memories, her glory and dreams, so after learning that she was “ill”, her first thought was to come here to take a look again. . In front of the glass palace, facing Nan Li, who almost collapsed because of anxiety, Huanhuan cried in sorrow and asked her mother, “Are you me or me who only loves to learn well?” Nan Li said that to Huanhuan with heartache. “I am sorry”.

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