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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 38 Recap

Business was good during the Chinese New Year, and the Mitao family decided not to return to their hometown for the New Year. They bought a large number of fruit gift boxes and fruit baskets, hoping to make more money from the peak season of the Spring Festival. They plan to rent a shop facing the street next year, then rent a spacious house, bring their sister to Jiangzhou, and reunite the whole family together.

The new crown epidemic has a more serious trend. Xia Junshan worried about the risks on the road and asked Nan Li and Huanhuan to cancel their original trip to Jiangxi and stay in Jiangzhou for the New Year. The epidemic is getting worse, and every family stays behind closed doors in no hurry. This is an unusual Spring Festival, and there is a tense atmosphere on the streets. Nan Jianlong also didn’t expect that Cai Juying had kept a lot of masks and disinfectants before, which came in handy this time.

At the New Year’s Eve dinner at Tian Yulan’s family, she found that Ziyou was obviously anxious and nervous when the adults were discussing the epidemic, so she took the initiative to raise Dalong with Ziyou to help her son relax in a natural state. Nan Li spent the New Year’s Eve dinner with his mother and daughter. Originally, three generations of children and grandchildren said that there was a good atmosphere with laughter, but when Nan Li gave Huanhuan the new year’s money red envelopes, he specially emphasized that the door of the new year was 100 points, and Huanhuan instantly lost his smile.

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