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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 37 Recap

Tian Yulan couldn’t help but miss and worry about her son when she was working in the field. She concealed that everyone went back to Jiangzhou to watch Ziyou playing football and went to a psychologist to inquire about Ziyou. The psychiatrist suggests that children can be encouraged to do more things they like, such as playing football, as long as they can relax.

There was a cold war between Xia Junshan and Nan Li. He did not discuss with Nan Li and went straight to withdraw all of Zhong Yi’s courses. However, Nan Li insisted that Huanhuan had reached the most critical moment of “Xiaoshengchu”, and could not relax anymore. In the end, the two took a step back. Nan Li agreed not to go to Zhongyi during the winter vacation, and Xia Junshan agreed that Huanhuan would take the Chao Chao back to his hometown in Jiangxi on the day of the New Year’s Eve from Nan Li to personally catch tutoring during the winter vacation.

The new year is getting closer and closer, Cai Juying began to hoard a lot of New Year goods according to the habits of previous years. At this time, messages such as “Wuhan pneumonia epidemic” and “Wuhan pneumonia of unknown cause” began to appear in social software. Yan Peng asked Cai Juying when Tian Yulan would return. Zi You silently missed her mother.

Yan Peng looked forward to the stars and the moon and hoped that Tian Yulan would return soon. Tian Yulan adjusted her mood and replaced the original center of the trophy wall with a picture of Zi You playing football. She posted to Moments, suggesting that Yan Peng had returned home. Yan Peng brushed into the circle of friends, immediately packed up with Zi You, and happily moved back from his grandparents’ home to his own home.

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