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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 36 Recap

Zhang Xueer prepared the “Little Host Outstanding Performance Award” given to Huanhuan by the TV station. This is an award unique to Huanhuan. Teacher Zhang praised Huanhuan for his cheerful personality and versatility. Like a little sun, everyone around Huanhuan will be infected by this vitality. Zhang Xueer’s words untied Huanhuan’s heart and helped her restore her self-confidence.

Xia Junshan also learned from Zhang Xueer that the contradiction between Huanhuan and Mi Tao stems from Nan Li and Zhong Yi’s improper encouragement to Huan Huan. He accused Nan Li of his native family’s ties and the recent unsatisfactory work experience. , Just thinking about getting the child to make up, Nan Li had a fierce quarrel with him about this.

Tian Yulan was sad in her heart and feared that her presence would irritate Ziyou. After listening to Nan Jianlong’s advice, she learned to let her go and give it a try, so she accepted the group’s mission to train in other places. And Yan Peng, who took on the task of taking care of Ziyou, started to have a headache as soon as he did his homework.

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