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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 42 Recap

The arena competition was proposed by Changge. The original intention of Changge was to let Ashley Falcon win Sheer first, and then let Ashley Falcon deliberately lose to Shuyu. Then Le Yan would not have to go to the grassland to meet her relatives.

As you know, not only did Ashley Falcon refuse to take the stage, he also refused to deliberately lose to Shuyu in front of Changge. Changge couldn’t talk with Ashley Falcon, so she took Le Yan away, and Le Yan was unwilling. The two argued because of their own quarrel. She told Changge that if Shuyu had her in his heart, she would find ways to win the battle. If she didn’t have her in his heart, she would not be able to force it.

Looking at the general appearance of Le Yan, Chang Ge couldn’t help but sigh that Le Yan has really grown up. In order to ensure that Tang Dynasty can win Sheer tomorrow, Chang Ge brought Le Yan to the prince Li Chengqian, and picked a man with a good body from the prince, and asked him to participate in the competition tomorrow.

Gao Du has been taking care of Du Ruhui. Du Ruhui is already dying. He mentioned the battle of tomorrow and let Gao Du win this battle. Gao Du loves Mu Leyan, Du Ruhui knows from the bottom of his heart, he only tells Gao Du, if he thinks clearly, Gao Du can win to the end, according to his own heart, he does not need to be so tied to the rules as he is. Home, never considered it for himself, he wanted Hao Du to do what he wanted.

The next day, Sheer guarded the arena, Li Chengqian brought Chang Sun Jing to the challenge, and Le Yan pretended to be a little maid and followed Li Chengqian to the arena. She saw that Sun Jing was beaten to the ground as soon as she took the stage. Sheer’s morale increased greatly. No one in Tang challenged again. At this time, Shuyu came to the ring. He was ready to fight, but he made it clear to Le Yan in advance that he didn’t have Le Yan in his heart.

He was fighting for protection in the ring, not because of love. Le Yan didn’t want to wrong anyone, she rejected Shuyu, and Shuyu didn’t have to take the stage if she didn’t have her in her heart, she would wait for someone who loved her to fight for her. After clarifying with Shuyu, Le Yanhong returned to the viewing platform with her eyes on her eyes. Changge knew that the conversation between the two was over.

She was about to find Ashley Falcon, and Ashley Falcon came to the ring, and Changge let Ashi Le Falcon came to the stage to fight, and if A Shi Le Falcon did not come to the stage, the marriage between Le Yan and Sheer was decided. Ashley Falcon only loves Long Song. He is unwilling to fight for other women. Long Song is good or bad. Ashley Falcon reluctantly moves away at the last moment, but Gao Du is one step ahead of Ashley Falcon. , He threw his sword to the stage, ready to fight for Le Yan and challenge Sheer.

Gao Du fought with Sheer in the arena. The disparity between the two of them was too great. Although Gao Du had the upper hand at the beginning, he was still not as strong as Sheer. She saw that Sheer fisted against Gao Du. She was beaten on the ground with blood all over her face. Le Yan cried to the side of the ring. She was stopped by two soldiers.

She cried and told Sheer that she was willing to give up and confess her life. Gao refused to admit defeat, nor did he allow Le Yan to admit his fate, so Gao duly stood up. He seized the last chance and tried all his strength to trap Sheer, and his face was bloody to win. This is the game. Gao Du won. Le Yan didn’t have to marry to the grassland. Everyone was very happy. Chang Ge also mentioned today’s matter with Shuyu.

Shuyu said frankly that if Gao didn’t play today, he would also come on stage to defeat Sheer and protect him well. Le Yan, he doesn’t want to go back to the past with Chang Ge Le Yan, but only asks for the two to be well, he has always been the brother of the two. Changge is very pleased with Shuyu’s current thoughts. She believes that Le Yan will come out. She also reminds Shuyu to beware of Yi Cheng, this person is not simple.

Le Yan came to see Gao Du. She wanted to know if Gao Du was like Shuyu, only for the face of Tang Dynasty. Gao Du loves Mu Le Yan, but she knows she is not worthy. If Le Yan is unwilling to marry him, he He will ask the Lord for sin, and this arena is not counted. Le Yan looked at Gao Du’s prudence and humbleness. She expressed her thoughts about Gao Du. When she saw Gao Du go to the ring, she was always afraid of losing Gao Du.

Gao Du also served herself because of Le Yan’s words. Be brave for a while, from now on he wants to protect Le Yan as Le Yan’s husband, not a guard. The reason why he enters the ring is that he doesn’t want to see Le Yan sad, he likes Le Yan. Until then, the two people recognized each other’s minds. Le Yan had unconsciously relied on and fell in love with Gao Du, and Gao Du finally courageously won the beloved.

Then Le Yan came to find Changge, and the two sisters talked. Chang Ge is worried about Le Yan’s happiness, Ke Le Yan has already figured it out, she has always regarded Shuyu as a hero, but ignored Hao Du beside her. Just as Chang Ge could be herself calmly in front of Ashley Falcon, she was the most real and natural in front of Hao Du.

There was a lot of noise in the Sifang Pavilion. Not only did the people of the Tie Le Ministry refuse to sign the Great Tang’s He Meng Book, they also instigated other tribes and made other tribes fear the Ashyl Tribe together with them. Changge came forward to guarantee that Datang would protect all tribes, but due to the lobbying of the Tie Le Ministry, the tribes also hesitated and delayed signing the agreement.

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