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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 41 Recap

Gao Du took Le Yan to leave. Le Yan saw Shuyu, and the softness in her heart was defeated. She cried and threw herself into Shuyu’s arms, wanting to break the marriage with suspended animation. Feign death is the next policy. Shuyu disagrees with Le Yan’s method, and he also believes that there must be other ways to save Le Yan. Seeing Shuyu’s attitude, Le Yan couldn’t help but feel suspicious.

She would not care whether she married Shuyu on the grassland or not. Shuyu frankly told Le Yan that he always regarded Le Yan as his own sister. Le Yan was very sad when she learned of Shuyu’s thoughts. She asked Shuyu to leave first. When Shuyu went out, she met Gao Du. Gao Du had a big fight with Shuyu because of Shuyu’s attitude. Le Yan was very upset. , Simply drove the two away together.

At night, Gao Du came to put on a cloak for Le Yan. He knew that Le Yan did not want to be married. Le Yan liked Shuyu. He wanted to tie Shuyu and let Shuyu take Le Yan away. He was willing. Raise money and prepare horses for the two, and bear everything for them. Le Yan is no longer the little girl she used to be. She knows that she is the Princess Yongan, so she plans to stay here. She is not willing to be married, but she will fight for herself through her own efforts. She only hopes that Gao can Stand behind her and be her strongest backing.

Ashley Falcon came to see Yicheng and wanted to know why Yicheng came to Chang’an and why it was Yicheng’s turn to take charge of the internal affairs of Ashley’s ministry. Yi Cheng repeatedly claimed that she was sent by the Great Khan when she came to Chang’an. As long as Ashley Falcon was willing to take the Eagles back to the grassland, she could return to Yazhang.

Ashley Falcon didn’t believe Yi Cheng’s words at all, but Yi Cheng used Li Changge to stimulate Ashley Falcon, and Ashley Falcon just left Yi Cheng’s room. After going out, Ashley Falcon met Sheer. He knew Sheer could not do these things, but all of this had nothing to do with Yicheng. He only hoped that Sheer would not live like a fool again, and Yicheng was in Mo. The cold arrow that North released almost killed him.

With the help of an old acquaintance, Mu Jin learned that the Great Khan had been poisoned, and that there were no children in Dingxiang Palace, and the only place where there were children was the Sui Palace. After Ashley Falcon tried Yi Cheng, he came to tell Chang Ge about Yi Cheng’s power. Chang Ge was not afraid of Yi Cheng, soldiers came to block, water came to cover, but she could not find Mi Mi. , Worry that Mi Mi will suffer.

Mi Mi came to see Yi Cheng, and Yi Cheng broke Buzhen’s finger to threaten Mi Mi. She gave Mi Mi a bottle of poison and asked Mi Mi to do things for her. Mimi cried and buried Buzhen’s fingers. Sheer was overjoyed when he saw Mimi, and he told her his heart. He liked Mimi, but Mimi didn’t like Sheer at all. She remembered As a slave as a child, the fear of playing with Sheer tremblingly every day was something Sheer could not understand, and she could not follow Sheer back to the royal court.

Shuyu wanted to save Le Yan, but he didn’t want to watch Le Yan and his relatives, so he wanted to ask Wei Zheng for help. Wei Zheng said in a word that only the identity of Fu Ma can allow Le Yan to avoid marriage. He asked Shuyu to think about his own mind. If he likes Le Yan, he must fight for it himself. Shuyu hesitated because of this. Hesitating heart. Shuyu didn’t have any affection for Le Yan. He didn’t go to Tai Chi Palace. Instead, he came to Long Song. He didn’t like Le Yan, and he was unwilling to give Le Yan hope to push Le Yan into another pit. Changge understands Shuyu. She also believes that things will turn around. Li Shimin can’t just watch Le Yan and his relatives, but they have to wait for a suitable time.

In the Tai Chi Palace, all the officials were talking about Princess Yong’an’s marriage. Most people believed that Yongan’s marriage was a righteous act, and Chen Shilang even advocated Le Yan’s marriage. Le Yan came to Tai Chi Palace as Princess Yongan. She talked about her family, the world, and her people. She believed that Datang didn’t have to repeatedly compromise the Ashle Department.

The prosperity of the Tang Dynasty was to protect the people of the Tang Dynasty. Chen Shilang disagreed with Le Yan’s words. Le Yan used her own effort to get rid of the crowd. Gao Du and Du Ruhui also came to the Taiji Palace. Du Ruhui agreed with Le Yan’s words. The Tang Dynasty is a prosperous country, so why are you afraid of A Shile’s words?

Then, if A Shile’s department asks for the Princess of the Tang Dynasty in a word, the A Shile department will not put Datang in their eyes. With Du Ruhui’s support, Li Shimin was able to reject this marriage more righteously. Datang would never sacrifice any of his mother’s daughters in exchange for a moment of stability. Three days later, he asked Le Yan to accompany him to the Sifang Pavilion. At that time, Le Yan personally told the Ashile tribe that the Old Testament had been abolished and Tang refused to marry.

Three days later, Yi Cheng again mentioned the marriage contract at the banquet. Le Yan rejected the Assile tribe’s marriage on the spot. Yi Cheng and Sheer stirred up the emotions of the tribes, saying that Tang Dynasty’s rejection of marriage will surely destroy it in the future. Made an alliance with other tribes. Everyone talked about it all the time.

In order to stabilize the situation in the Tang Dynasty, Chang Ge simply mentioned the alliance of the various tribes on the spot, saying that only the brave are worthy of Le Yan, and Li Shimin should come to a contest to recruit relatives and choose the best attached horse. Sheer is young and vigorous, and he can’t admit defeat. After getting tomorrow’s Tang will set up a challenge here, he will answer the matter without saying a word, wanting to win the battle by himself.

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