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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 40 Recap

Le Yan went out of the palace to find Shuyu, but Shuyu looked in a hurry and didn’t see Le Yan on the side. Le Yan stepped forward and asked before knowing that Shuyu had just returned from a westward journey. He settled down well and went back to the palace to report on his duties. Le Yan sympathized with Shuyu’s hard work. She came to the Sifang Pavilion to meet the host of Mobei County.

Mi Mi happened to come out of Changge’s room. Le Yan mistakenly regarded Mi Mi as the host of Mobei County. She asked why Mi Mi knew her in her purse. There is a rabbit character, Mi Mi knows that Chang Ge has an enmity with the palace, she only concealed the matter of Chang Ge, Le Yan returned disappointed, and Mi Mi appeared in Chang’an City was also seen by Yi Cheng’s eyeliner, Mi Mi Not dead, it just happened to be used by Yi Cheng.

Chang Ge brought Ashyl Falcon to the place where his mother was sleeping. She sneaked in at first, but this time she brought Ashyl Falcon to worship. I saw that there were always sacrifices in front of Changge Aniang’s desk, and Changge only mistakenly thought it was made by Shuyu or Le Yan. The two knelt at the case table, and Ashlefalcon solemnly promised Chang Ge Aniang that he would take good care of Chang Ge for the rest of his life.

At this moment, Li Shimin was also preparing to come to worship Chang Ge’s A-Niang. He was very surprised to see Chang Ge’s figure, but he was relieved when Chang Ge returned safe and sound. Regardless of Changge’s obstruction, Li Shimin paid homage to Changge’s A-niang. He saw the figure of Ashley Falcon, and he also thought that the two of them were very good match, and he was relieved enough that someone could protect Changge.

Li Shimin left first after paying homage to the mother-in-law of Changge. Changge didn’t expect that Li Shimin had always been worshipping, but she was afraid that her mother’s hatred would never be repaid. Wei Zheng accompanied Li Shimin this time. He handed over the new household registration and documents to Chang Ge, hoping that Chang Ge could live in Datang with his new identity. Long Song claimed that he still had an unfulfilled mission. Wei Zheng cleverly guessed that the sealed book was written by Long Song. Long Song was determined to be a messenger of the desert.

This time, the forces were not genuinely seeking peace, but were afraid of it. From various forces, Wei Zheng believes that this covenant is nothing more than a paper covenant, but Ashley Falcon and Chang Ge agree that it is worth a win. Recalling the past, Wei Zheng mentioned the incident of Li Minmin’s mutiny. It turns out that Li Shimin was the lifesaver of Changge Aniang. The two had already belonged to each other.

However, when Li Shimin was on the expedition, Li Jiancheng was accidentally drunk and drunk Changge Ah. The mother was treated as her own concubine, and when Li Shimin returned, everything was a foregone conclusion. The woman became Li Jiancheng’s concubine, and Li Changge had an extraordinary relationship with Li Shimin since childhood, as close as a father and daughter. As for what Changge saw at the beginning, it is not the real fact, Li Shimin did not kill Changge’s mother.

Wei Zheng’s words had a great impact on the long song, and Ashley Falcon had been by his side, enlightening the long song. The two are going to the Tang Dynasty for Mobei. If this happens, the grassland will calm down for a long time. Ashley Falcon also agreed to Changge. After the matter is completed, he will live with Changge in seclusion. .

After Le Yan returned to the palace, she thought carefully. She remembered Mi Mi’s clothes and the hesitating conversation. It is assumed that she is not the lord of Mobei County, and she must know Changge, so she took the maid out of the palace alone this time, just because she wanted to Make sure Changge is in Sifang Pavilion. Long Song’s identity is special. For the sake of Long Song’s safety, Le Yan didn’t want to alarm anyone, but met Gao Du on the street. For the sake of Le Yan’s safety, Gao Du was willing to follow Le Yan from a distance, and not to disturb Le Yan and Changge reunion.

Le Yan went to the Sifang Pavilion to see Changge. The two were very happy to meet. Changge also introduced Ashi Lefalcon and Mi Mi to Le Yan. The group went back to the room to chat, but at the Sifang Pavilion, news came from the Assile tribe. Da Mo was always afraid of the Asile tribe. People in Da Mo were very anxious when they heard the arrival of the Asile tribe. ,

Hurriedly wanted to pack up and leave, even if Le Yan revealed the identity of Princess Yong’an, she would not move the people in the desert. Gao was afraid that Le Yan would be in danger. He only drew his sword to quell the turmoil, and Sheer also At this time, I arrived at the Sifang Pavilion and saw Changge.

When Mimi learned that Sheer and Yicheng had come to Datang, she was uneasy. Ashley Falcon came forward to see Sheer. Sheer did not expect Ashley Falcon would pretend to be dead and lie to him, but Ashley Falcon told Sheer not to pretend to be innocent. Wang Ting and Xiong Shi joined forces to stabb him in the back. He did not believe that Sheer did not know, he had long wanted to be an enemy of Sheer, and from now on the two were no longer brothers. After that, Yi Cheng also came to the Sifang Pavilion. The Sifang Pavilion set up a banquet to entertain the envoys. At the banquet, Yi Cheng mentioned the Tang Emperor’s old promise to make peace with the Ashle Buddhism.

Pearl sat next to Chang Ge and she saw the situation. It’s not good. Chang Ge wanted to protect Le Yan, she asked Gao Du to take Le Yan away first, and she respected Sheer and Yi as a person from Mobei. Yi Cheng stopped Chang Ge. She wanted the guards next to Chang Ge to drink the glass for Chang Ge. Ashley Falcon knew Yi Cheng’s mind. He could bend and stretch, and only stood up and drank the wine in Chang Ge’s cup. Seeing this, Yi Cheng couldn’t help but sarcastically ridicule Ashley Falcon.

In the city of Dingxiang, a man dressed in disguise and mixed into the city suspected the condition of the Great Khan, especially when he saw the appearance of Lei Meng being very careful about it, he strengthened his thoughts and kept secretly checking the condition of the Great Khan. Condition.

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