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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 39 Recap

Yi Cheng didn’t believe that Mi Mi would kill Ashyl Falcon, she made people keep an eye on the eyeliner sent to the desert, and she must see Ashyl Falcon’s body with her own eyes. Now Bu Zhen is in her hands, and Bu Zhen has a very good relationship with King Sui. She is ready to use Bu Zhen to threaten Mi Mi again and let Mi Mi use it for her. After that, Yicheng came to Sheer’s camp. Sheer felt very sad for the death of Ashley Falcon. Ashley Falcon died. What is the significance of the wolf master becoming the king of the grassland. Hearing that Sheer had lost his ambition because of Ashley Falcon’s death, he couldn’t help but hate Ashley Falcon, but he didn’t expect Ashley Falcon to even buy her son.

Mu Jin told Old Qin and Xufeng about Da Mo and asked them to take the brothers away from the Eagle Master. Now that Yazhang is about to move to Dingxiang, he has also inquired that Yaluo was killed as early as the night he came to Yazhang. Today’s Yazhang is no longer the original Yazhang. It is dangerous for Qin’s group to stay behind. For Mi Mi decided to go to Dingxiang.

Dingxiang was the site of the former Sui Dynasty. Old Qin didn’t think that there were people from the former Sui Dynasty in the Ashele tribe, but he couldn’t get involved in this matter. He only asked Xufeng to send a letter to Mobei, and he took the brothers to stay. Wait here for Long Song’s instructions.

Ashyl Falcon’s injury is serious, and Changge has been guarding Ashyl Falcon. She cried and begged Ashyl Falcon to survive and wake up. She was willing to spend her life with Ashyl Falcon. The next day, Ashyl Falcon woke up, and the song cried with joy. Now Ashyl Falcon has a clear consciousness. King Mobei hopes Ashyl Falcon can surrender with the Hawkmaster.

Ashyl Falcon directly refuses. Let the brothers change their lives. Yazhang beat Ashley Falcon ruthlessly, Ashley Falcon and Chang Ge both guessed that it was not the work of the Great Khan, but I was afraid that everything was done by Yi Cheng. Now Yi Cheng’s ambitions are obvious, and Chang Ge thinks that it is only them. Alliance with Datang can solve the war on the grassland, and she has sent a letter to Datang, whether Datang is willing to alliance, there will be news soon.

Wang Ting was about to move to Dingxiang. Sheer remembered the recent events and guessed that everything was not a coincidence. I was afraid that all of this was Yi Cheng’s plan, but Yi Cheng was his Ana, and it was already possible for him to meet Ana. Hard thing. On the other side, Shuyu came to Mobei as a Datang envoy. Changge was very surprised by Shuyu’s arrival. She introduced Wei Shuyu to Ashley Falcon and watched Changge hold Shuyu’s hand. Shi Le Falcon became jealous, and was unwilling to come forward and talk to Shuyu.

Shuyu heard Changge calling the name of A Shile Falcon. He was a little surprised that A Shile Falcon was still alive. The Eagle Master and Xiong Shi had obviously been wiped out. This is a long story, and Chang Ge has no way to elaborate. Only let Shuyu cover this matter for one or two. Although Shuyu agreed to the long song, he still reminded the long song that A Shi Le Falcon is a different kind of person, so it is best to keep Long Song away from A Shi Le Falcon.

The idea of ​​the Datang Alliance is already obvious. Chang Ge is willing to go to Chang’an to talk about the alliance for Damo. She will go as Fanhui as the lord of Mobei County and the sister of King Mobei, and Pearl and Ashley Falcon, Mi Miya Go with the long song. The news reached Yi Cheng, and Yi Cheng also decided to go to Chang’an. She left Lei Meng in Dingxiang and planned to take Sheer with her. Later, Yi Cheng came to see Sheer, and she talked with Sheer, hoping that Sheer would go with her to Chang’an. She also let Sheer remember that everything she did was for Sheer.

Changge and his party arrived in Chang’an. Pearl was very excited when they saw the prosperous city of Chang’an. Changge was only full of emotion. At first, she fleeing Chang’an desperately, but now she returns to Chang’an. This is really embarrassing. Ashley Falcon has been by Changge’s side all the time. He promised Changge that he will guard Changge well during this trip to Chang’an.

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