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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 38 Recap

Mobei sent a messenger to bring jewels to negotiate a peace. The messenger gave Ashyl Falcon a brocade box alone. After Ashyl Falcon opened the brocade box, he found the note left by Long Song. Long Song took a lot of effort, Joa. When Shile Falcon went out to meet, A Shi Le Falcon originally responded indifferently, but Mu Jin lighted A Shi Le Falcon like a fool, and asked A Shi Le Falcon to write a new one, saying everything he wanted to say.

Ashley Falcon twisted, but still listening to Mu Jin’s words, re-written a letter and asked Mu Jin to hand it over to the messenger. Changge opened the brocade box and saw only a letter attached to the brocade box with the words “I miss you” written in the letter.

At night, Changge arrived on time for the appointment, and Ashley Falcon hugged Changge tightly. Changge analyzed the current situation of the Hawker for Ashley Falcon. Ashley Falcon was unwilling to betray the royal court, but he could not watch the Hawker die. In the dilemma, Changge offered the method of two perfections. Nowadays, only the falconer has suspended his life, and Ashyl Falcon can keep the falconer’s life without betraying the royal court.

Sheer returned to the yaac. He wanted to see the Great Khan, but Yi Cheng was stopped by Yi Cheng. Yicheng said that the Great Khan is now seriously ill and has handed the Khan’s seal to her. From now on, she will lead the Ashele Ministry, and she and She’er will no longer be separated from each other. Now that Yicheng is preparing to move to the royal court, she has mastered the rights of the royal court. In the future, the Ashele tribe will be in the hands of Sheer, and she will help Sheer to unify the grassland.

Ashley Falcon has been considering the method of long song’s suspended animation, but Mi Mi hesitated, but he still came to inform Ashyl Falcon and Mu Jin that the Eagle Master could not go with the Xiong Master. Mi Mi’s knowledge surprised Ashyl Falcon and Mu Jin, but Ashyl Falcon didn’t think deeply about the others, and only let them go out first, and he was ready to consider it again.

Mi Mi went out of the camp with Mu Jin. She told Mu Jin that she was Wang Ting’s careful work. Her brother Bu Zhen was in Yi Cheng’s hands, and she had to succumb to Yi Cheng. Mu Jin saw everything that Mi Mi had done for the Eagle Master. He didn’t mind Mi Mi’s past, he only hugged Mi Mi and promised that she would help her rescue her brother.

After that, Ashyl Falcon had made up his mind. He and Mu Jin came to Tukashe to discuss the expedition. Tukashe really wanted to take this battle to put the falconer to death. Ashel Falcon also decided to take the plan and call him. Decided to attack the city tonight and let Tukhashe help him. After Tukhashe was not easy to get a chance to put the falconer to death, he agreed to Ashley Falcon without hesitation.

Ashyl Falcon sent Mi Mi to inform Changge, hoping that Da Mo would help the Eagle Master to die. Before the battle between the two armies, the Eagle Division dispatched troops according to the original plan. The Tukasche had selfishness and stayed in place. When the Bear Division prepared to rush into the battle, the Bear Division was already in the ambush of Mobei. The battle was commanded by Changge, and Ashley Falcon recognized at a glance that the method of deploying troops in the desert came from the Central Plains. After that, Ashley Falcon learned of the successful breakthrough of Tukhashe, and he took Mu Jin to solve Tukhashe himself.

According to the original plan, the Eagle successfully suspended his death, and Mi Mi also revealed her identity to Chang Ge Tan. Chang Ge learned of Mi Mi’s difficulties and only assured Mi Mi that they would help Mi Mi rescue Bu Zhen. From now on Mi Mi is a brand new Mi Mi, no longer controlled by anyone. On the other hand, Ashyl Falcon and Mu Jin have settled Tukhasah. Mu Jin took Ashyl Falcon’s helmet and prepared to return to the royal court. This time, he was going to send the news that Ashyl Falcon was dead. At the same time, he also Want to find a way to rescue Mi Mi’s younger brother.

On the way back to the king’s court, Mi Mi came to find Mu Jin. She knew that Mu Jin’s adventure was for her, so she couldn’t help but hug Mu Jin tightly, preparing to go to the king’s court with Mu Jin. Mu Jin refused to let Mimi go into danger, and only let Mimi wait for him to return. Mimi summoned up the courage and kissed Mu Jin. From then on, Mu Jin is her man and must return safely and be responsible for her.

Ashyl Falcon came to see the long song, and the two hugged each other tightly. From now on, there will be no special falconry in the grassland, Ashyl Falcon is only Ashyl Falcon. Ashley Falcon mentioned the three things that Changge had promised him before. The first thing he did was to hope that Changge would be more like a woman. In the future, don’t fight hard regardless of life and death. All future storms will be left to him. To block. Before Long Song could answer, Ashley Falcon was hit by a dark arrow and fell to the ground.

Mu Jin returned to the Ashile tribe to send Ashyl Falcon to death. Sheer did not believe what Mu Jin said, but the facts were in front of him. Mu Jin planned to let Ashyl Falcon be buried in the two cities of the desert. After that, Yi Cheng told Mu Jin that the Great Khan was seriously ill. She stopped Mu Jin in front of the account and asked about the cause of Ashley Falcon’s death. After learning that it was killed by Mimi’s secret attack, she I was completely relieved, and placed the bloody helmet next to the Great Khan, allowing the Great Khan to look at his son well.

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