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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 12 Recap

Shui Wuxia had a nightmare again. When she dreamed that Ma San gave her a sachet when she died, she suddenly woke up, took out the sachet under the pillow, and smelled it and found a smell of soil inside. In the morning, Shui Wuxia told the doctor about the incident. The doctor opened the sachet and found that there was a herbal medicine called Violet Essence in the sachet, which would be blind to the human body after long-term use. This sachet might be a fake. Fang Yuncheng took the sachet and saw that the edge of the sachet was sealed with lily stitches, which should come from Yuxi Pavilion. Several people decided to go to Yuxi Pavilion to find out.

In Yuxi Pavilion, the boss denied that there was purple essence in the configuration. He said that he used rare medicinal lotus medicine. He suspected that some merchants used purple essence as lotus grass. Jiang Baiyu asked the boss to take out their authentic products and compare them. The boss took the sachet beside him. Jiang Baiyu grabbed the sachet and opened it and found that there was a medicinal material called Violet essence.

The boss took another sachet and opened it again. There are also purple essences, he can’t believe it. The medicinal materials are all purchased by the proprietress. The boss glanced at his wife and she was a little guilty. Jiang Tianling asked the boss of medicinal materials who had touched medicinal materials besides the boss and his wife. The boss suddenly remembered that it was Liu Pang. He was responsible for the inventory and calling of the medicinal materials. Liu Pang had been fired.

Several people left Yuxi Pavilion and saw Fang Yuncheng comforting a man. Several people learned that he was Liu Pang. Jiang Tianling asked him whether the medicines used in Yuxi Pavilion were handled by him. Liu Pang said that he would not handle those things. ,

Those things are the boss’s wife. A talent has the right to do that, but he is a buddy who doesn’t have that much right. Several people turned and returned to Yuxi Pavilion. When the lady boss heard that they had to report to the official, she had to say that it was the boss’s wife’s maiden brother who was sick and the boss was too stingy, so she sold the lotus grass and sold it to Wanmatang. The housekeeper of Sun.

Jiang Baiyu took Shui Wuxia to a company that specializes in selling things from the palace and there are many tribute treasures, and he heard that a special medicine that can treat eyes has just been introduced here. The boss took out Qiang’s eye drops and purified it from glacial water. Even if nothing was seen, as long as it was used and she could give her a bright future, Jiang Baiyu bought it without hesitation. The boss looked at Jiang Baiyu refreshed, and introduced him to the flexible middle belt made of seven layers of wild boar skin with pure copper Citi lock. No one can open it. Jiang Baiyu found it very novel. The two tried it out and thought. I wanted to open it, but I was told by the boss that the key was still in Ryukyu and had not been shipped.

After Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia returned to the house, Jiang Tianling and the old lady were onlookers. They thought they were good at playing. The old lady found a locksmith, and the locksmith couldn’t open it. The old lady found the cook again, and the cook gave them a knife. opened. Jiang Baiyu gave Shui Wuxia drops of eye drops, and her eyes were much better. Qi Delong’s father owed money, the creditor came to her and asked her to pay back the money, otherwise he would kill her father. Fang Yuncheng saw this scene and decided to help Qi Delong raise money to repay the debt. Fang Yuncheng took the cosmetics he developed to Huadengfang to sell, but the girls didn’t buy it and didn’t believe him.

Qi Delong saw Fang Yuncheng introducing cosmetics to the girl at Huadengfang. The girl didn’t believe him. Qi Delong stood up to prove to him that Qi Delong’s good skin was a living sign. The girls rushed to buy, and Fang Yuncheng’s business became very good. Fang Yuncheng also introduced the usage and techniques of cosmetics to the girls, and Fang Yuncheng’s business is very hot.

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