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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 34 Recap

In Fengfan Elementary School, Principal He informed the teachers at the Academic Affairs Council that the selective teaching and the illegal enrollment of students in Hanlin Middle School were punished by the education department. The summer vacation began. Huanhuan, Ziyou, Chaochao, and Mitao, who Zhong Yi asked to join for free, started a small class tutoring career in Zhong Yi. Zhong Yi does have a few brushes in teaching.

In the first exam after entering the graduation class, Huanhuan got the same full score as Mi Tao. But Ziyou only passed the tenth place this time. Tian Yulan learned that Ziyou hadn’t had much energy to study recently. She threatened Ziyou to throw away his slime mold, and Ziyou fiercely resisted. In Huanhuan’s weekly diary, Tong Yan also unscrupulously accused her mother of having only scores in her eyes. Nan Jianlong was worried about his granddaughter, so he deliberately read the weekly diary to his daughter, and told Nan Li that it was too late.

Huanhuan found that Zhong Yi always compares her with Mi Tao, and keeps saying that Mi Tao is better than herself, and so is her mother. Under the so-called “motivational” teaching that is suppressed by frustration, Huanhuan even feels Mother likes rice peaches more than herself. Huanhuan’s attitude towards Mitao is becoming more and more indifferent. Not only when Zhong Yi’s “nightcare home” is counseling, Huanhuan also ignores Mitao at school, and even drives her other friends to ignore Mitao.

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