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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 33 Recap

Nan Li invited Tian Yulan to hire Zhong Yi to coach the three children in small summer classes. Nan Li went to the “nightcare home” to find Zhong Yi and said that only by improving the grades of children with ordinary qualifications can she show her true ability and successfully persuaded Zhong Yi to take over the summer small class tutoring, but Xia Junshan and Yan Peng were neither agree. When Yan Peng’s parents heard about it, they went to Tian Yulan Shopping Center.

Xia Junshan invited Nan Jianlong and Zhao Na to Nan Li’s birthday party, hoping to persuade Nan Li. But Nan Li can no longer accept that his children are worse than others. In addition to the birthday party on the spot, Nan Li received the final math test results, Huanhuan only got C. In a hurry, she insisted on sending her children to Zhong Yi’s class. None of the family members who came to persuade had a good face.

At the same time, the rumors of the “Xiaoshengchu” full-scale lottery became more and more intense, becoming the most concerned issue at the end of the parent meeting. Zhang Xueer conveyed to the parents the significance of implementing the “xiaoshengchu” full-scale lottery. This approach can ensure the fairness of education in the compulsory education stage. On the other hand, it also reduces the competitive selection at the elementary school stage.

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