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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 30 Recap

Nanli’s workplace suffered successive blows, a large number of department staff was lost, customers were sexually harassed on business trips, workload increased, but salary was only the same

Half, even though she just went back to these difficulties, she ruthlessly smashed the glass of sexual harassment of the client, and took the payroll to ask the human resources director to ask what happened, but she inevitably felt that her life and career were not going well and she was depressed. Nan Li went to see Nan Jianlong. Although he always emphasized that he had a good life alone, it was obviously not good to Nan Li.

In terms of selfishness and grievances, Nan Li naturally didn’t want to care about Nan Jianlong and Cai Juying’s affairs, but as far as the matter was concerned, this time it was because of her. Nan Li took the initiative to meet with Cai Juying for an unprecedented time. Nan Li was worried about her father’s health and wanted to ask Cai Juying what she planned, and also declared to her that she did not know about the deposit and the will. But what she said became another meaning in Cai Juying’s ears. Cai Juying felt that she was supposed to be the father’s money.

The two broke up unhappily. Yan Peng’s mother asked Yan Peng to persuade Cai Juying to reconcile with Nan Jianlong as soon as possible. Cai Juying mistakenly thought it was her son-in-law who disliked her, so she packed up all night and moved to a cheap hotel to live in. When Tian Yulan got home from get off work, she realized that her mother had left. Tian Yulan and Nan Jianlong found Cai Juying in the small hotel, but Cai Juying said that she had taken care of Nan Jianlong for so many years, and there was no credit and hard work. Seeing Nan Li’s face carefully pleased to live on, she didn’t want it anymore.

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