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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 11 Recap

Lin Anbang was a little anxious. He was nervous as soon as he got in the car. Lang Yongcheng was speechless. He even dared to steal Lu Zheng’s car, so he would be nervous and anxious. Lin Anbang said that squad leader Yang had talked to him, and that it was possible for soldiers like him to be eliminated from the combat unit. But he came in with Xia Zhuo, Yi Zimeng, and Ouyang Jun. He really didn’t want to be separated from them. He took out a lot of food from his pocket and stuffed Lang Yongcheng, begging him to help himself with Lu Zheng. , Lang Yongcheng told him to go back to sleep. Yu Quanhai and Xia Weilin roasted a chicken and ate it.

They said that they remembered the time when they were in Inner Mongolia when they were evaluated, and they have always liked the scenery there. Xia Weilin felt that Yu Quanhai was a very easy-going person, but he was always so serious when training, and he was a little puzzled. Yu Quanhai replied that the significance of the existence of this training camp lies in the selection of ace Trumpeters, and only strict standards can help them get rid of their fatal weaknesses on the battlefield.

Xia Zhuo, Yi Zimeng, and Ouyang Jun were still carrying the stakes forward, and rested on the spot if they couldn’t hold them. Another two groups set off fireworks and gave up. The three sighed with emotion, and hurriedly picked up the stakes and hurried along. Early the next morning, Ouyang Jun gritted his teeth and treated the wound on his waist, waking up Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng to continue their journey. They still had thirty kilometers left.

Suddenly Xia Zhuo smelled the roast chicken, and suddenly started eating like a demon. Ouyang Jun and Yi Zi were stunned when they saw this. Xia Zhuo ate the chicken in his own hands and set off. Xia Zhuo’s group of latecomers topped, and Yu Quanhai knew that the real test had just begun, everyone’s physical strength had reached a critical point, and the marching speed was not as good as before.

When going uphill, Ouyang Jun suddenly fainted with black eyes, Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng lost their weight and fell down. Turning their heads to see Ouyang Jun who was fainted, Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng were startled, and they realized everything was only when they found the inflamed wound on his waist. It was Ouyang Jun who accidentally slipped down the slope that day. Ouyang Jun was thinking about water, and Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng struggled to lift him up, only to find that there was no water left in the kettle. Yi Zimeng anxiously asked Xia Zhuo what to do.

Xia Zhuo said nothing and decided to launch a flare. Yi Zimeng persuaded him to think about it, they will be there in twelve kilometers! But Xia Zhuo was also very entangled in his heart, he only knew that he had to save Ouyang Jun! In the end, Xia Zhuo didn’t sound the signal flare. Looking at the two fireworks blooming in the sky again, he thought of Ouyang Jun’s emotions before. No matter how much glory you have accumulated before, there will be nothing at the moment the fuse is sounded.

Xia Zhuo turned his head and glanced at Yi Zimeng. For the last ten kilometers, he relied on them. Yu Quanhai waited at the end, and four groups had arrived one after another, and everyone was struggling to reach the end. Except for Xia Zhuo’s group, everyone else had already given up, and there was not much time left. Yu Quanhai thought they had overestimated them, and was about to send a car to pick them up. At the end of the road, Xia Zhuo carried Ouyang Jun on his back, and Yi Zimeng dragged the stakes and walked over. The two fell down, but Yu Quanhai didn’t let anyone pass by, because of dignity, he never had to help! Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng stood up again, pulling the stakes and supporting Ouyang Jun, step by step towards the end.

Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng fainted due to physical exhaustion, and Ouyang Jun was gradually getting better, and Yu Quanhai asked Xia Weilin to stay here until they woke up before reuniting with other students. However, the three of them had already woke up and vowed not to sleep for two days and two nights. Ouyang Jun lost the chain this time and said that he would invite them to dinner after the training camp. Xia Weilin smiled when they heard their twittering voices, and simply let them rest at ease, telling him what they want to eat and drink, Xia Zhuo and others were a little surprised.

After the recovery, Xia Weilin took Xia Zhuo, Yi Zimeng, and Ouyang Jun for a ride on a guided missile car. This was their request and the approval of their performance by the chief executive. The three of them were full of curiosity, and they all said what they wanted to do. Hand position. Lin Anbang still failed to drive, and Lang Yongcheng worked hard to persuade him not to be nervous. Lang Yongcheng is going to the trump card player selection, so he can’t watch them for training anymore.

Xia Zhuo, Ouyang Jun, and Yi Zimeng swept away the food in front of them. Xia Weilin said that they did not expect them to last until the end, and appreciate them very much. Xia Weilin went on to talk to them about Yu Quanhai. His training missions were actually pediatrics. Before Yu Quanhai’s training in special forces was much more cruel than this. During that training, Yu Quanhai finally rushed out, but unfortunately fell off the cliff and was pierced by branches. Under such circumstances, Yu Quanhai followed the regulations and persisted for twelve hours before firing the flare gun. Later, the army gave Yu Quanhai the best treatment, but he refused to change his job. He really liked this place and the uniform.

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