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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 6 Recap

Wen Jinchen realized that the bonuses given to Yuan Siya were too much recently, so he tried every means to get her to treat her to dinner, and Yuan Yueyue agreed. After Wen Jinchen left his wallet and mobile phone in the company, he took Yueyue to a very tall restaurant. After Yueyue came, he was very happy and took pictures and posted it to Moments.

Yueyue doesn’t know how to cut steak with a knife. Wen Jinchen helped her cut it very intimately. After cutting it, she put it on a skewer and gave it to her. He also ridiculed that it was more in line with her temperament. At the end of the meal, I realized when I checked out that this table was actually worth fifty-eight thousand. After finally saving enough, he will lose more than half of the free fee. Yueyue feels very distressed. Originally, she wanted to split the meal expenses between the two, but Wen Jinchen didn’t get her mobile wallet “just right”.

Yuan Yueyue thought that although the master didn’t get his wallet or cell phone, after all, he had money and contacts, and would always think of ways to solve the meal money, so she sneaked away when she borrowed it out to check out. After walking a few steps, he quickly called with a smile on his face, asking if there would be any legal disputes if he couldn’t pay the bill. Knowing that he might be convicted of fraud if he can’t pay the bill, Yueyue hurried back to the restaurant to check out.

Wen Jinchen intends to announce his identity to Yuan Siya at the land auction. Although it may be a bit high-profile, he thinks that everything is worth it for her. Jan Yueyue was promoted once again to become a special assistant to the general manager, with a monthly salary of 58 thousand.

Wen Jinchen talked with his grandfather on the phone. Grandpa said that the reason why he let Wen Jinchen and Yuan Siya marry was not because of Yuanjia’s assets, but because Yuan Siya was a talent in the investment industry. Talents have false names, so it doesn’t matter if the Wen Yuan family’s “business” is not done. Wen Jinchen hurriedly spoke for “Yuan Siya”, saying that she had just joined the company and adapted well and would definitely prove her strength.

Wen Jinchen looks back on the days he and “Yuan Siya” have known each other, from escaping from a hotel, to eating at a street food stall, to jumping off the second floor and flying back to the company. In addition, even the most basic office software is unfavorable. Suo, these kinds of behavioral characteristics, in any case, do not match the personality of this “gifted girl in the investment world”.

Facing Wen Jinchen’s question, Yuan Yueyue could only explain that all of this was arranged by her father alone. In order to improve the good image of her daughter, Yuanfu created her image as a genius girl with all his heart. Wen Jinchen had no choice but to make the mistakes.

Wen Jinchen began to take Jane Yueyue to the company meeting and pinpointed a design proposal for a commercial center. Jane Yueyue personally came to the commercial center square to practice, and put forward his own unique insights on the sports equipment and anti-theft devices in it. After understanding the situation, Grandpa Wen feels that the field of “Yuan Siya” is too extensive, and he even understands sports equipment. I hope he has not misunderstood the person.

Wen Jinchen sent Yuan Yueyue home. It was too late. He forced to stay overnight. Yuan Yueyue couldn’t refuse this. He thought that she might accidentally see someone out of the bath, so she went to the guest room to sleep.

Wen Jinchen planned to take “Yuan Siya” to the land auction and took her to buy clothes. After seeing the price, Yueyue quickly refused. When he returned home, Wen Jinchen packed the clothes from the mall and sent them back. Yueyue Lenovo’s relationship between her “master” and Wen Jinchen might not be good, thinking that her master would take her own hand and kill Wen Jinchen’s face, so Thinking about it, decided not to participate in this auction. In response, Wen Jinchen returned home again after learning about this, turned off the lights and lowered his voice, asking “Yuan Siya” to follow his master to participate in the auction.

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