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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 5 Recap

Wen Jinchen sent the drunk Yuan Yueyue home, and he liked it very much when he saw the person lying in bed obediently after he was drunk. The next day, after waking up, Jan Yueyue, who used his talents as an athletic student, rushed to the company and was almost late. On the way, he ran into Long Smile, who was on the first day of work. I thought Long Smile was not easy to provoke if he was pretending to be fashionable. People, who didn’t expect to have a carefree character, they hit it off at first sight.

Wen Jinchen sent someone to investigate Yuan Siya. For a few days with him, Wen Jinchen felt that this “Yuan Siya” did not show any economic investment acumen. Instead, he had flexible hands and feet. It was running chasing cars and running through windows. Yes, much like an athletic student. However, the information found is that Yuan Siya is a high-achieving student in the business school, has not participated in any sports group, and does not often exercise. Wen Jinchen is a little puzzled about this.

After working for a day, Yuan Yueyue was promoted to assistant manager. She originally didn’t want to work with her master. However, after learning about the salary of assistant manager, Yuan Yueyue agreed without hesitation. At lunch, Pei Xiuzhe came out to meet each other month by month, and informed that Yuan Siya was found to be in Wenda City now. My sister was in this city, and she deliberately escaped the marriage to make herself pay for her. Yueyue began to wonder if she was not important at all in her sister’s heart. Pei Xiuzhe comforted her that this was not the case, and told her that she had been entrusted by Yuan Siya to take care of her as much as possible over the years. Yuan Siya always cared about Yueyue whether it was work or life.

At the same time, Pei Xiuzhe told Yueyue that she had always liked Yuan Siya, but over the years, whether it was helping her career or helping her take care of her younger sister, she had never been able to enter Yuan Siya’s heart and felt very depressed, so I only drank too much the night before. Yuan Yueyue, who originally liked Pei Xiuzhe very much, was very sad to hear that her sweetheart actually liked her sister.

After the lunch break, after returning to the company, Yue Yue wanted to talk to her mother on the phone to express her grievances, but she didn’t realize that her mother was playing mahjong, but she hung up the phone without saying a few words. Yue Yue was even more aggrieved and helpless, after get off work. He didn’t even get the salary paid on the day, so he went to the night market to eat skewers and drink.

Wen Jinchen found Yuan Yueyue who was drunk. Yueyue recognized him as Pei Xiuzhe and confessed to him. Wen Jinchen was very angry and sent him home and left. The next day, Yueyue, who had just arrived at the company, was notified that she had been dismissed. She found her master to argue and apologized very seriously. Wen Jinchen had no choice but to give her a lot of work at once. However, this investment genius “Yuan Si” Ya” does not know how to use a computer to make forms.

Wen Jinchen told “Yuan Siya” that his nickname was Ri Ri, which was a couple with her nickname Yueyue. After learning that Riyue would never meet, he claimed that he would change his nickname to Xingxing. , But this nickname can only be called “Yuan Siya”.

Wen Jinchen handed Yueyue a large bonus. Yueyue was very happy. Seeing the little girl so excited, Wen Jinchen asked Secretary Wen Jun to give more bonuses to her in the future. I worked hard every day in the first month of the month, and the tens of thousands of bonuses were credited to the account again and again, and within a few days I almost saved my free fee.

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