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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 3 Recap

After Yuan Yueyue was forcedly kissed, Wen Jinchen slapped Wen Jinchen and hurriedly left. After returning to Wen’s house, Zhang Guiyi turned off the indoor power according to Wen Jinchen’s request, and Wen Jinchen pretended to be that night to see Yuan Yueyue. Yueyue doesn’t understand what Wen Jinchen’s habit is, every time she meets in the dark night, she can’t even see her true face once. She simply told herself that she didn’t want to live like this anymore, and felt very uncomfortable at every moment in the Wen family. This was not the life she wanted. Wen Jinchen said that the contract can be terminated, but Yuan Siya needs to compensate one million yuan. Liangran bargained and finally decided to compensate one hundred thousand yuan.

Wen Jinchen thought that “Yuan Siya” wanted pure feelings, and he hoped to prove to her with his actual actions that his feelings for her had nothing to do with fame and wealth or family interests. The reason for raising the contract termination fee is to try to make her like herself before Yuan Siya saves 100,000 yuan. However, Wen Jinchen suddenly regretted that the request for 100,000 yuan was too small, and she might be able to save enough money soon.

Yuan Yueyue attended the graduation ceremony for her sister. After the ceremony, the principal found her and said that an outstanding senior who had graduated for many years visited her alma mater today. She hoped that Yuan Siya could be a guide. Yueyue agreed. But I never expected that the person here was actually his “master” Wen Jinchen. Reluctantly, Yuan Yueyue took her master to wander around the campus, making up various stories along the way to fool others.

Jan Yueyue started to work part-time for her own free expenses. She came to Pei Xiuze’s restaurant as a waiter, making money over and over again to accompany the person she likes, and it was so uncomfortable. On this day, Wen Jinchen came to this restaurant to discuss with customers. He saw Yuan Siya who was working and realized that her basic salary of 5,000 yuan plus commission would soon be able to save up to 100,000 yuan, so he asked Pei Xiuzhe to quit. She, Pei Xiuzhe refused.

Wen Jinchen believed that the restaurant was mixed and unsafe, and asked “Yuan Siya” to resign from a company and give him a double salary, but Jan Yueyue refused. Wen Jinchen went home and handed Zhang Guiyi a black card, asking him to hand it over to Yuan Siya. Yuan Yueyue thought that her “master” told Wen Jinchen that she was working in a restaurant, so Wen Jinchen gave herself a card. At this time, Wen Jinchen wondered why she had done so clearly, but this “Yuan Siya” hadn’t understood that her “master” was Wen Jinchen.

Yuan Yueyue and Pei Xiuzhe continued to investigate Yuan Siya’s whereabouts, and they learned that she had bought a ticket to Singapore and cancelled it, guessing that she did not leave Wenda City. Yueyue began to wonder if her sister deliberately escaped the marriage and deliberately avoided everyone.

On the other side, Yuan Siya was close to Wen Liangye. Wen Liangye promised that he would completely take Wen Jinchen down and marry her home gracefully. Yuan Siya was moved.

Wen Jinchen was ill and was hospitalized. Jan Yueyue came to see him and saw that he was seriously ill, so he simply took care of him. Although his hands and feet were relatively clumsy, he scattered the ice cubes and dropped the pills on the ground, but fortunately, Wen Jinchen’s condition improved.

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