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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 2 Recap

After the light went out, Wen Jinchen came in with a calm voice. Yuan Yueyue thought that this person did not want to see herself, so she quickly informed the dissolution of the marriage contract, saying that since Wen Jinchen also escaped today, she would definitely not want to get married, and falsely claimed that she was there There was already a wild man outside. After hearing this, Wen Jinchen retorted that feelings can be cultivated, and kissed her forcibly, and demanded that the wild man be brought to meet.

Wen Jinchen seemed to have been tempted by this “Yuan Siya”. He had been thinking about wild men while driving. He called his secretary and friend Wen Jun and asked whether current girls like wild men. Wen Jun took him to the bar to see what the so-called “wild man” was like. Wen Jinchen felt very uncomfortable seeing the men and women kissing me in the bar, saying that these people were ill-educated.

Yuan Yueyue was originally distressed about where to find a “wild man”, but suddenly she thought of her newly recognized master, and she wanted to make a living now. Wen Jinchen at the bar was unwilling to answer the phone call from “Yuan Siya” because of the wild man, and was drunk. Wen Jun didn’t know that “Yuan Siya” and Wen Jinchen had not recognized each other, so he called his wife “Yuan Siya” and asked to come and pick them up. After Yuan Yueyue rushed to the bar, she took a lot of photos with Wen Jinchen who was so drunk.

In the early morning of the second day, Yuan Yueyue, who thought the “master” was his “husband” Wen Jinchen’s subordinate, threatened with the photos taken last night, hoping that he could pretend to be his “wild man” to meet Wen Jinchen. “Master” Wen Jinchen readily agreed.

In the park, “Master” and Yuan Yueyue waited and waited, but Wen Jinchen was not seen. When Yuan Yueyue went to the toilet, she happened to meet Wen Liangye, Wen Jinchen’s brother, and was taken away by him because she was Wen Jinchen. It turns out that Yuan Yueyue and her sister Yuan Siya look exactly the same, and Wen Liangye temporarily mistaken Yueyue for Yuan Siya. Yueyue didn’t even know about it. The two quarreled in the car and Yueyue was thrown on the road.

Wen Jinchen saw Wen Liangye taking away the back of “Yuan Siya” and realized that his brother was coming, so he called to find someone. Picked up “Yuan Siya” from the highway and brought it back to Wen’s house again. Wen Jinchen insisted on carrying “Yuan Siya” upstairs. At this time, Yuan Yueyue, who had no knowledge of it, was afraid of causing trouble to the two of them, so he refused. However, Zhang Guiyi looked at the strange appearance of his young master and grandmother, and was surprised but did not dare to say anything.

That night, Wen Liangye, who was on the other side, met Yuan Siya. The two behaved intimately. Wen Liangye told him that he had seen Yuan Yueyue today and called her very cute. Yuan Siya said that her sister was innocent and hoped that he would not target her. Wen Liangye readily agreed.

Zhang Guiyi asked Wen Jinchen for how long he planned to conceal his identity. Wen Jinchen responded that it was quite interesting, and for the time being, he would not tell “Yuan Siya” the truth. Zhang Guiyi gave Wen Jinchen a lesson on how to get girls’ favor.

Yuan’s father found Yuan Yueyue and hoped that she could attend the graduation ceremony for Yuan Siya. Although Yuan Yueyue was still unwilling, he still agreed. At school, she met her brother Xiuzhe who had a good relationship with the two sisters. Yueyue liked Xiuzhe very much, but Xiuzhe seemed to be more interested in Yuan Siya.

Xiu Zhe took Yueyue to the restaurant for dinner, and once again met Wen Jinchen by chance. Wen Jinchen was very jealous when seeing the two people being intimate, chatting and laughing, and kissed Yuan Yueyue in public.

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