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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 1 Recap

In Wenda City, Yuan Siya, the eldest genius of Yuan Family Investment, escaped the marriage the day before the wedding with Wen Jinchen, the young master of the Wen family, and she did not know where she was. Yuan Yueyue became a monk for her sister. Yuan Yueyue has been living with her mother since her parents divorced, but she did not expect to marry her sister at a good age. The key is that the bridegroom officer himself has never seen or understood, so she is very resistant.

On the day of the wedding, Wen Jinchen, who was unwilling to accept the arrangement of marriage by the elders in the family, was late due to the company’s very important meeting. Yuan Yueyue, who was originally dissatisfied with this, fled the marriage angrily, causing the wedding scene to jump around. Yuan Yueyue took advantage of her sports specialties and successfully ran away from the wedding scene and robbed the next car midway. Unexpectedly, the man in this car was Wen Jinchen who would be late in the future. At this time, Jan Yueyue had no idea about it.

Yuan Yueyue vomited bitterness to Wen Jinchen, saying that she had to rob a car to escape when she encountered bad talents, and hoped that Mrs. Wen Jinchen would not send herself to the police station in large numbers. Just as the two got out of the car to communicate, a strange man sneaked into the car and drove away. This time I really met a car thief. Without saying anything, Yuan Yueyue changed into a pair of sneakers and chased him out, took a short cut and ran past, successfully stopping the car thief. Wen Jinchen sighed that this woman is not a sports student.

On the way back, the two of them worshipped Wen Jinchen as their teacher, and told them that they had imagined the image of an old, ugly, and cruel “husband”, saying that marriage was not intended, and there was only one life, and she wanted to do it for herself. Live, I hope Wen Jinchen can send himself home. Wen Jinchen was surprised when he heard Yuan Yueyue’s description of herself, and thought that this woman escaped from marriage just to go home. He was very puzzled. At the moment, he thought that this girl was the wife chosen by the elders of the family, Yuan Si elegant.

Yueyue fell asleep because of her escape from marriage and chasing a car within one day. Wen Jinchen had no choice but to send her back to her home. After Yuan Yueyue woke up, her father convinced herself again, hoping to pretend to be Yuan Siya in Wen’s house before her sister found her. Yuan Yueyue was very angry but helpless. After meeting Wen’s housekeeper Zhang Guiyi, she wanted to go or was ready to escape. Jumping down from the second floor and driving away a car, Zhang Guiyi was surprised to see such a vigorous young grandmother, and quickly called Wen Jinchen.

At this time, just over the phone with his grandfather, Wen Jinchen, who took the initiative to claim that he had taken his wife away from marriage, hurriedly drove to chase people.

That night, on a rainy day, Wen Jinchen followed the positioning of his car and found “Yuan Siya” who was terrified by a traffic accident. He took her back and gave her a mobile phone, saying that he could contact him at any time. Yuan Yueyue returned to Wen’s house, thinking that total escape is not the way. Since Wen Jinchen does not want to get married and has not shown up yet, it is better to discuss the dissolution of the marriage contract with him. This is the best of both worlds. Suddenly, the lights in the house went out.

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