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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 3 Recap

Zhang Zailin actually wanted to indecent Xie Qiulian while Pan Yuqing was away. Xie Qiulian was so fierce as to pick up the hatchet on the side and threatened to kill him with the net. Fortunately, even if Zhaohua arrived, he said that Zhang Zailin had promised Pan Boss to help him catch the death. The Communist Party in the river wanted to give him some oceans. Zhang Zailin quickly took out the oceans and said that he was here to send the rewards. Chaohua accepted the oceans for Xie Qiulian and said that he could come to him if he had something to do.

Pan Yuqing was still unable to let go of the trafficman who died in front of him. He suggested to Secretary Li that a monument should be erected for him after the victory of the revolution. Secretary Li still told Pan Yuqing with tears in his eyes that they must be strong and cheer up. The war of encirclement and suppression has already begun, and they have to be prepared to send more power to the Central Soviet Area.

When Pan Yuqing returned to Chayang, the store on the side bought a fish with him. Although Pan Yuqing said it was ordered by the same day restaurant, he sold it to him cheaply, and he was Lu Qingquan’s father. When Pan Yuqing came to Tongtian Hotel, the boss took him to Chayang Trading Company without saying a word, and asked the people at the door to take Pan Yuqing to find Lu Qingquan. When Pan Yuqing came to the room and opened his mouth, he called him a comrade. Lu Qingquan criticized and educated him for his rash behavior, and asked him to pay attention to his address and behavior whenever he was a traffic officer. Their safety as a traffic man was very important.

Lu Qingquan called him over because of two news telling him. First, Comrade Mao Zedong had obtained reliable information and effectively resisted the KMT’s second military encirclement and suppression. The second anti-encirclement and suppression war was about to be won. The second is that Yu Changqing, a traffic officer responsible for escorting 160 Oceans to Shanghai, did not arrive at the appointed place at the appointed time. Pan Yuqing suspected that Yu Changqing had embezzled the money.

Although he did not join the Kuomintang, this matter became a sharp edge on their heads. At present, the Soviet area lacks salt and medicine. The safety of this payment is not only related to the safety of their transportation lines, but also to the safety of the Soviet area.

Lu Qingquan took out six oceans, said that he had private goods to transport, and reminded Pan Yuqing that a boat boss would make money if he had money, and he had to do a good job of disguising himself. What Lu Qingquan asked him to transport was a few large bags of salt. The frontline soldiers had already swelled due to lack of salt. He couldn’t transport so much salt alone. Those oceans were for his brothers.

Pan Yuqing called Zhaohua and Aliang and Achao. The Kuomintang has issued a salt ban, and even one packet of salt is enough to lose his head. But the three brothers were very loyal. Pan Yuqing divided Dayang into their hands. Taking advantage of the night, the brothers quietly transported the salt to the front line of the Soviet area.

In Shantou, Peng Gengnian of the Huafu Electric Information Store received the telegram, and he went upstairs with a solemn expression. After Gu Shunzhang, an alternate member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, was arrested, his mutiny brought huge disasters to the entire Shanghai underground organization. Lu Wenchao called Cao Ruiying to ask him to immediately close the net. The gendarmerie sent a strengthened platoon to cooperate with them.

It was necessary to wipe out all the underground Communists in Shantou. The primary goal set by Cao Ruiying was the Chinese, French and Western pharmacies. Fortunately, Qian Zhuangfei, who was lurking in the heart of the enemy, had obtained the intelligence, so that the trafficmen on the Shanghai traffic line could move even before the enemy closed the net. When Cao Ruiying came to the Sino-French Western pharmacy, she found that the traffic crew had been transferred. He followed the secret path of the pharmacy, but it was too late.

The overall failure of the Kuomintang action made Lu Wenchao very depressed and annoyed, but he still comforted Cao Ruiying. The escape of the Chinese, French and Western pharmacies just proved that his judgment was correct. Lu Wenchao originally thought that the Kuomintang could achieve a full victory through this net closing operation, but it failed. He didn’t ask himself whether this was God’s will.

Chiang Kai-shek issued the latest order, “Don’t give the Communist Party a grain of rice, a spoonful of water, and a bird will pass.” These eighteen words are to firmly lock the neck of the Communist Party. Cao Ruiying pointed out that the Communist Party members often end up in big places. Po, but the ultimate goal of the Communist Party is to establish a line of communication between the Red Army and the Communist Party Central Committee in Dapu, Shantou and other generations. Lu Wenchao readily agreed and approved the establishment of a line of communication between the Red Army and the Central Committee of the Communist Party in Dapu. Cao Ruiying serves as the stationmaster.

Peng Gengnian summoned the trafficmen, and they had received the most serious crisis alert in history-“Second uncle died, and the sorrows were changed.” This is to keep them vigilant and stabilize their positions. Lu Qingquan in Chayang also conveyed a crisis alert to Pan Yuqing. The safety of Qingxi Middle Station will also be related to the safety of the entire transportation line. He must pay attention to confidentiality work and expand the number of personnel while clearing personnel. They are likely to also take on the task of escorting the wounded.

Sister-in-law Lai Zhaodi cursed Zou Shubao early in the morning, and the eldest brother Zou Renbao, the second child Zou Chunbao, and the fourth child Zou Dongbao stood aside and dared not speak out. My sister-in-law was because Zou Shubao retired on her wedding night without authorization two years ago. This made her sister Sino embarrassed, but Sinoe had waited for her for two years and now came home. Zou Shubao was still hiding, and Thea was sad and left crying. , Said he would never come to her again. However, Zou Shubao did not have Thea in his heart. It was because he had participated in the revolution that his life or death was uncertain. He did not want to delay Thea. But the family did not understand Zou Shubao’s behavior, and Zou Shubao just chose to remain silent.

Zou Shubao runs a papermaking workshop as a cover and has not returned home for a long time. His brother Zou Renbao came to the dock to ask Pan Yuqing about Zou Shubao’s situation. Although Pan Yuqing tried to hide it, Zou Renbao knew that they had something to say, so he would only want to know whether his brother was safe. Pan Yuqing can only tell him that Zou Shubao will always pretend to be his family in his heart. Zou Renbao told Pan Yuqing that when he saw his younger brother, his family was in the same boat and would always be with him.

Zou Renbao told his wife that he didn’t have to look for Zou Shubao anymore. It was enough for him to know what his brother was doing with whom he was with, and the family would pretend not to know about him in the future.

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