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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 2 Recap

Unfortunately, Cai Meng was arrested and tortured and still did not speak. Cao Ruiying personally pulled out Cai Meng’s teeth. Cai Meng was beaten to death by him. Traffic officer Xiao Chen came to the pharmacy. Jiang gave him the information and opened the secret tunnel behind the pharmacy to send him away. The landlord immediately greeted him and pointed him a path.

Cao Ruiying deeply felt that the Communist Party should not be underestimated. He was very worried about the defeat of the Kuomintang in the front-line battle, and was even more afraid that the underground organizations of the Communist Party would continuously pump fresh blood forward. Lu Wenchao comforted him that the victory of the lack of salt and food in the Chi District will definitely belong to them. Now that the flaws have been exposed, Cao Ruiying inferred that the Communist Party will soon take new actions.

After analysis, Cao Ruiying became suspicious of Huafu Electronics. He knocked on the door at Shantou Station late at night and opened the door for him. He claimed that he was here to pick up the boss Lu Wenchao who was playing mahjong, and Gu Yufeng let him be there too. waiting. Cao Ruiying sat on a stool and looked at Luo Ting who was repairing the instrument. Gu Yufeng brought him tea, then entered the room and winked at Peng Gengnian who was playing mahjong. Cao Ruiying was observing the situation of the power supply company and started talking with Gu Yufeng. Gu Yufeng laughed and said that he was just an accountant and only knew how to keep accounts.

When Pan Yuqing was carrying guests across the river, he heard gunshots from the shore. Zhang Zaolin, the leader of the Dapu militia group, pursued Xiao Chen all the way towards the river. When Xiao Chen saw this, he had to jump into the river, but it was still the militia group who was rushed over. People were shot dead. Zhang Zailin called Pan Yuqing to Pan Boss and asked him to retrieve the body. When Pan Yuqing jumped into the river, he saw Xiao Chen holding something in his hand. He put the things away and salvaged Xiao Chen’s body to Zhang Zailin. Zhang Zailin arrogantly told him that Xiao Chen was a communist party member, and the copper wall and iron wall of Da Po could not be broken by the Communist Party. of.

Pan Yuqing hurried home and found a note from the crushed pills. He learned that the Kuomintang would dispatch 200,000 troops from 18 divisions to launch a second siege and suppression of the Soviet area, but it would feign attack on Donggu in two ways. Then the whole people will enter the palace from the east and west to the Ruijin. Xie Qiulian suddenly pushed the door and entered, Pan Yuqing drew a knife and turned around after stuffing the note into her mouth. The terrible expression frightened his wife. He asked his wife to go out first, and he calmed down after he took the knife.

Pan Yuqing knew that she had scared his wife, so she hurried out to apologize to his wife. Xie Qiulian knew who her husband was. She said that she had appointed him for the rest of her life and understood everything he had done. Pan Yuqing looked at his wife who hadn’t had new clothes for more than a year, and took out silver dollars to let her go to town to buy some new cloth to make clothes. Xie Qiulian was grateful to Pan Yuqing for taking care of herself for more than two years. She was simple and thrifty to let her husband use the money where needed.

In the Dapu garrison barracks, Zhang Zailin received a reward from Captain Ma but only got three yuan. Captain Ma claimed that he would get a few more yuan if he caught alive. Adjutant Lai Shouzhang took the agents who had completed the autopsy to say goodbye to Captain Ma, but the operation captain Heizi was disappointed that he could not catch a living person. This person made the key to their investigation. The clue was broken in Dapu’s view. Nor is it a copper wall and iron wall.

Commander Ma immediately became angry and blasted the two secret agents out, relying on them to dare to be presumptuous in front of him. Lai Shouzhang should pay attention to some face issues in persuading the commander Ma, but Commander Ma doesn’t care about these. He only hopes that he can come to a few more Communist parties and can make up for some of the deducted military pay by arresting them.

Pan Yuqing came to the Tongtian Hotel in Chayang, which was the transportation station of Chayang. The boss, Sun Tongjie, is a traffic man. He saw Pan Yuqing’s hat and noticed something abnormal. Pan Yuqing told him that he wanted to betray him by fishing in the river. Sun Tongjie knew that this was a secret order that could only be used in an emergency, but he ignored Pan Yuqing’s request to see Lu Qingquan and contacted his superiors without approval. For those who violated discipline, Sun Tongjie could only close the door to him.

Pan Yuqing worries about how to deliver the news. The importance of this information is self-evident. He managed to wrap the news and put it in the belly of the fish, and told his wife that when others asked, he said he was going to the grave for his father-in-law and mother-in-law. Xie Qiulianyi If someone asks, he will say that he doesn’t want to go back to see the brother-in-law who pushed himself into the fire pit. Pan Yuqing carried the salted fish on his back to Uncle Gong’s pit to eat some food in Zou Shubao’s workshop. The two of them did a complete set of play and Pan Yuqing left the silver dollar, and then left after a few words.

Lu Qingquan learned that Pan Yuqing was anxious to see him, and was afraid that he was really in a hurry, so he also came to the river to find him, but Pan Yuqing had already left at this time to find another way to pass on information. Zhang Zailin of the militia also came to the river and wanted to buy Pan Yuqing’s. When the boat went to Qingxi, Lu Qingquan could only give up. Pan Yuqing was walking on the road and suddenly looked up and saw a shop with a hat hanging. He keenly saw Li Shuyan, the Secretary of the Special Committee, inside. But he wanted to pass the information quickly, but he broke into the back hall and was knocked to the ground by everyone.

Fortunately, Secretary Li hurried forward to check and recognized Pan Yuqing. Pan Yuqing extracted the information from the fish’s belly and handed it to Secretary Li. Secretary Li immediately arranged for the information to be sent to Changting overnight. Secretary Li was Pan Yuqing’s party leader. After April 12, he let Pan Yuqing choose to lurch. Pan Yuqing has always kept his faith and mission in mind and has not forgotten.

Zhang Zaolin came to Pan Yuqing’s house and asked why Pan Yuqing did not leave the ship. Xie Qiulian calmly said that Pan Yuqing was going to the grave for her parents, and she had vowed not to see the wolf-hearted brother and sister again before returning to her hometown. But this one in Lin actually said that it was not easy to come to Qingxi by oneself, and it was very disrespectful to Xie Qiulin.

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