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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 1 Recap

Brother Pan Yuqing on Qingxi in Dapu was holding a boat and sitting for business. Friends rushed to find him. The members of the militia group and Alliang gambled out the dice and took all of Alliang’s belongings and even the boats for life. When A Liang was not convinced with their theory, the civic group was furious and took out a gun. Pan Yuqing is quite prestigious in the Qingxi area. He came to the casino to be a peacemaker.

He picked up the dice on the table and twisted his mind to find out. He smiled and placed a bet with the members of the civic group, and he took a gamble with them. If he wins Alliang and their bet money, he will give up. If he loses, his boat will be lost. Pan Yuqing held down the can before the militiamen opened the can, and used external force to adjust the dice under the can to a large number. Pan Yuqing, who won the game, warned Aliang to gamble again and chopped off his hand.

A group of young students in Yongfeng Inn moved into the room, and the boss was aware of the way they looked. At night, the sleeping students heard the barking of dogs outside the window. They felt it was too late to pack up their luggage and escape. They were beaten to death by the incoming secret agents. The spy chief squatted on the ground searching the students’ luggage, and found a note that was well hidden. Through the infiltration of water, the KMT learned that the Communist Party will send six skilled cadres to the Soviet area, and the six dead students are the backbone of the technology.

Yu Liangting, the owner of Yongfeng Inn, is an underground party member of the Communist Party of China. He witnessed the tragic death of the students and came to report to Pan Yuqing, who was also an underground party member. Although the secret agent questioned himself, he was just a guest who opened the shop and did not go out. In principle, Pan Yuqing had no choice but to let him keep a secret, and reminded his wife Xie Qiulian that those words that had just been heard should never be known to anyone.

Lu Wenchao, head of the detective team’s Shantou battle station, came to Qingxi. He happily called the spy Ruiying’s brother who shot and killed the student last night. He was very satisfied with the information he had obtained. At the same time, he also keenly discovered that the Communist Party was looking for a way to the Chi area. Communication road.

Pan Yuqing wanted to pass the checkpoint with a basket on his back. He claimed that he was a messenger from the Guangdong Approval Bureau. Back then, many people went to Nanyang to make money. The messengers were just for them to send letters to their homes. Fortunately, the guards didn’t have too much embarrassment. Pan Yuqing went to the Special Committee of the Minxi Communist Party and found Li Shuyan, the secretary of the special committee.

Pan Yuqing told him about the killing of six students by the KMT military and police. Secretary Li immediately realized that these six personnel were key technical personnel dispatched by the central government. They died before leaving the school. At the moment, the Communist Party urgently needs to establish a secret communication line linking the Shanghai Central Committee’s head office and the southern Soviet area of ​​Fujian, Western Jiangxi, and the southern Soviet area to solve the problem of communication between the Red Army and the Central Committee.

Comrade Ling Feng of the Central Transportation Bureau of the Communist Party of China met the comrades codenamed Huashan on the street. He relayed the instructions of the Central Committee to Huashan, and he was appointed as the head of the Hong Kong terminal of the Southern Bureau of the Transportation Bureau.

Since then, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has sent a large number of high-quality cadres with great determination, and opened the prelude to the establishment of a 3,000-kilometer top-secret transportation line. The top-secret transportation station under the cover of Huafu Electric’s behavior was quietly established on Haiping Road, Shantou.

The Huafu Power Supply Company opened, and Peng Gengnian, the head of Shantou Station, greeted Lu Wenchao at the door. Cao Ruiying went to the Chinese, French and Western pharmacies and said that he would buy some medicine for headaches. After returning to the office, Lu Wenchao told Cao Ruiying that the Shanghai station had sent a telegram. The CCP sent another group of agents to Shantou, intending to set up transportation under the cover of business.

Stand, but they don’t have any evidence now. Cao Ruiying reported to him that the Sino-French-Western pharmacy she went to fits this situation well. The boss and the buddy are both Shanghainese, and the cost of bringing a buddy from Shanghai is too high. Lu Wenchao ordered him to kill one thousand by mistake instead of letting go of one person. He asked Cao Ruiying to take full responsibility for the matter, and he only saw the result.

Chao’an is located in the only place where the traffic line passes, and it is also an important pier for land and water transfers. The traffic station of Chao’an is built in a jewelry store next to the pier. Peng Gengnian came to the jewelry store to receive the ticket for the transfer to the Dapu Wharf. The journey went smoothly. He smoothly reached Dapu to join the Dongjiang Special Committee Deputy Secretary Lu Qingquan.

The two exchanged messages in the boat on the river, and it was Pan Yuqing who punted the boat. Peng Gengnian told Lu Qingquan that the central government should build a top-secret transportation line from Shanghai to Ruijin, and set up a transportation station in Dapu to take over the work of the hub. As soon as he mentioned Pan Yuqing’s name, Pan Yuqing, who had been pretending to be deaf, immediately responded. Peng Gengnian teased him that he had successfully completed the traffic officer assessment.

In the Yongfeng Inn, Yu Liangting’s wife Huang Yulian is burying her husband unhappy when she just returned from her natal family, but Yu Liangting feels that it is not the right time for his wife to return. At this moment, Pan Yuqing and the three came in from outside, and Pan Yuqing smiled to his sister-in-law and said that he had brought two guests, and then winked with Yu Liangting. Pan Yuqing wanted to set up Qingxi Zhongzhan in Yongfeng Inn, but Lu Qingquan felt that it was inappropriate for the people to come and go in the inn and it was not conducive to keeping secret. Pan Yuqing didn’t justify, and squatted aside to eat beans, but Peng Gengnian felt that Pan Yuqing’s ideas were worth discussing.

Pan Yuqing used his life as a guarantee for Yu Liangting, and Huang Yulian, who has a pungent personality, is actually an alternate member of the Communist Party. Pan Yuqing analyzed that Bogongwa was the first stop for Guangdong to enter Fujian, and it was also the first stop for Baiqu to the Soviet area. He planned to establish a small station in Bogongwa. Peng Gengnian completely agreed with Pan Yuqing’s ideas, but the person in charge here is very important. , Pan Yuqing recommended Zou Shubao, a tried-and-tested party member, to take charge of this work.

Zou Shubao carried the lamp to add fuel to the lamp of the Earth Temple. He suddenly felt that there was someone behind him. As soon as he turned around, he saw Pan Yuqing appear behind him. Pan Yuqing believed in Zou Shubao very much that the two had survived the tragedy and blood. After two years of silence, they were about to set off again, but he also reminded them that they might not return home again this time. But Zou Shubao is very firm in his beliefs, and will not hesitate to throw his blood on it.

After the Soviet Army and civilians achieved the first victory against encirclement and suppression, the Front Committee of the First Red Army issued a report drafted by Mao Zedong to the Shanghai Party Central Committee. This top-secret report was transmitted upwards via the newly opened traffic line one station, after seven days and six hours. Finally in Hua Shan’s hands, Hua Shan personally set off to hand this letter to Ling Feng. The transmission of the news this time is a practical assessment of this line of communication. The ability to transmit the information in place within seven days shows the power of this line of communication.

In the Sino-French-Western pharmacy in Shantou, the CCP underground traffic officer Cai Meng passed the news to the pharmacy boss Lao Jiang, who was also a traffic officer. The vigilant Cai Meng noticed the danger as soon as he left the house. He felt that someone was trailing behind him, so he walked on the road but didn’t want to be surrounded by the spies.

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