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Fah Hin Din Sai (2021) ฟ้า หิน ดิน ทราย

Fah Hin Din Sai (2021)
Other Title: ฟ้า หิน ดิน ทราย, Fah Hin Din Sai (ฟ้า หิน ดิน ทราย), Sky, stone, soil, sand

Genres: drama
Channel 7
Release Date:
 Apr 20, 2021
Related Show:
Fah Hin Din Sai (Thai original story)


  • Win Chawinvut Kongtoranin
  • Aoom Angkana Woraruttanachai
  • Tong Samitpong Sakulpongchai
  • Crystal Kaewsai Kanyawee
  • Hone Thanakorn

Din or Chatchok (Thanakorn Sribanchong) was left by the giant mother Jai since she was an infant. Despite the lack of love and warmth from the biological mother But the soil is still determined to find her mother. To always repay grace The soil was raised and taught by Luang Ta In (Vice Khem Kee Kee ) along with Sukhum (Somitphong Sakul Phongchai) and Phibun (Phusana Bua-ngarm), close friends, but Phibun has an ambitious habit. Do everything for the rich Without taking care of right or wrong Unlike the soil that holds goodness in its place.

The goodness of the soil has always been in the eyes of Apichat ( Krit Athasiri ), a business owner who has always been a furniture manufacturer. He is a scholarship provider for all the children of Wat Luang Ta-in. Apichat was worried that Fa Sai ( Siphacharada, gold skin ) and Akkani or Hin ( Chawin Wut Kongthoninin ) were pampered by Nai Na ( Pattama Panthong ), his wife indulged in from childhood until spoiled, became a child who did not grow Especially the clear sky Apichat wants to change the habits of children. He saw that the soil was only one person. To help transform the character of a clear sky villain to turn into an angel But it seems that the soil is not an easy task. Because the two had argued at first. And the clear sky did not allow the soil to easily stalk her.

Later, Din came to work at Apichat’s company with Sai ( Angkhana Woraratanachai ), a young girl who has been in love with him for a long time. Apichat ordered Fahsai, Stone, Clay, Sand to work together to produce furniture and to make the highest sales Stone hopes for this work a lot. Because if successful Apichat will allow him to marry Pimchan ( Prita Chaiyarak ), a young foreign student who hopes to get rich in a shortcut by marrying a billionaire heir. Pimchan hates sand a lot. Because Sand is someone who knows her true nature. Therefore sought a way to remove sand from the life of the stone.

The meal Hughes ( Kanta David Telford ), a former singer at the restaurant is the lucky wife wood waste. Until he became a businessman Back to get the soil as a child. Because he intends to use the soil To find a way to destroy Apichat’s company That is her business competitor.

Amnat ( Phasathorn Songthavorntawee ), the unruly brother of Laksuda ( Kaew Sai Crystal ), a close friend of Fahsai. Hoping to occupy the clear sky Therefore devise evil plans But fortunately, the land came to help in time Causing the clear sky to begin to see the heart of the goodness of the earth The love of the earth and the clear sky began to develop for the better. But the love of the stone has a problem because Pimchan left him to the richer. Let Stone know that the true person who sincerely loves and hopes for him is Sand.

His opponent that. Making the rock and sand begin to open up to each other But Naiyana doesn’t want the clear sky and the soil to love each other because the soil is too low. And Naiyana also knows a secret from Pimchan that Sai is the child of a former domestic servant who had lost in the Apichat Naiyana was afraid that Sai would be another child of Apichat. Therefore ordered soil and sand to leave her family And ordered the clear sky to stop associating with the soil at all.

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