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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 32 End Recap

Jin Xingjian accompanied Ye Ming to roam outside, wasting a day and a night idly, until noon the next day, Ye Ming’s call alarmed Lian Xuan. Seeing Jin Xingjian leaning back on the sofa, his face pale and cold, Lian Xuan reached out his hand to touch the end of his nose, and found that he was breathless, suddenly sitting next to him, shocked.

Ye Ming saw Lian Xuan weeping in grief, especially when she kept talking about Jin Xingjian’s death to save the common people, and immediately realized something was wrong. Fortunately, Jin Xingjian was just too weak, so his breath was hard to detect when he fell asleep. Lian Xuan cried with joy, but Ye Ming was still wondering about his situation.

In the end, under Ye Ming’s questioning, Lian Xuan took the initiative to admit that Jin Xingjian used his seal to purify the plague. Now that things have happened, Ye Ming is not good enough to continue to blame Jin Xingjian, and the top priority is to find a safe place for resettlement. Thinking of this, Ye Ming suddenly realized that she went down to the earth to hide in a cave to avoid the sky thunder, so she decided to go to Jin Xingjian to find that mountain.

Considering that the sky thunder was approaching, Ye Ming didn’t want to delay any more, so he immediately set off to pack his luggage, and rushed to the station with Jin Xingjian and Lian Xuan. However, the train moved all the way to the north, and it was forced to stop before it ran far. The main reason was that the track was broken due to the fierce fighting ahead. Ye Ming and others got off the train and had to change the route.

Originally, she had to go to a nearby town to take other vehicles, but as soon as she walked halfway there was a battle between the two armies. Although Ye Ming used divine power to protect Jin Xingjian, she was too busy to take care of herself and was almost hit by a bullet. Lian Xuan blocked Ye Ming in time, hurting his right leg, and finally fled the battlefield.

As the night fell gradually and the mountain road was rugged, Lian Xuan insisted on carrying Jin Xingjian on his back regardless of his leg injury. With a few shots, a group of soldiers emerged from small hills on all sides, but Jin Xingjian recognized them as subordinates of Commander Duan. Compared with the last time I met, Commander Duan has obviously lost a lot of weight, but he also feels that Jin Xingjian is more embarrassed than himself.

Jin Xingjian lied that he was going to the north to seek medical treatment, but something went wrong, Commander Duan promised to send someone to escort them. At this time, Lian Xuan came over to visit Jin Xingjian with a walking stick, and walked to the door to hear that he entrusted himself to Commander Duan to take care of him. In order to make Jin Xingjian feel completely at ease, Lian Xuan agreed to stay in the barracks and become the adjutant of Commander Duan.

That afternoon, Lian Xuan put on a sky-blue military uniform. Seeing that it was quite awe-inspiring, he personally sent Ye Ming and Jin Xingjian away, and sent them away with red eyes. On the way back to the camp, Lian Xuan took out the carving knives that Jin Xingjian gave him, and couldn’t help crying. He and Jin Xingjian had known each other for more than ten years. In the past ten years, he had been together and separated a lot, but they were different from each other. His feelings are much deeper than those of others, but Fan Jin is a bit more arrogant and hateful, and his eyebrows are cold, so he won’t be so sad.

Ye Ming and Jin Xingjian tossed around and finally arrived at their destination, unable to help but recall the scene of their first encounter. At that time, Ye Ming was temporarily living in a small village. Because of his outstanding appearance, he attracted many men to pursue him. At that time, Little Stone came uninvited and always followed Ye Ming. Originally, Ye Ming didn’t like being disturbed by others, but couldn’t withstand the soft and hard blisters of the little stones, so he lived with him and became a sibling to the outside world.

After finishing all these memories, Ye Ming took Jin Xingjian to the depths of the mountains. He didn’t expect that the big mountain that year would disappear out of thin air. Jin Xingjian didn’t care about it. He hugged Ye Ming and admired the surrounding scenery and missed the past. That night, Jin Xingjian took the initiative to tell Ye Ming to do his best. At this time, Jin Xingjian was like a handsome stone statue. Because it was weather-beaten, it seemed to be on the verge of breaking and collapse. Ye Ming listened to the parting words silently, tears streaming down his face, and took the initiative to kiss him.

The sky was bright the next day, and Ye Ming was about to fetch water for Jin Xingjian, but there was a rumble of thunder from a distance. As the thunder came closer and louder, Ye Ming suddenly hovered in mid-air uncontrollably, and then suddenly realized that this thunder catastrophe came at her. Before Ye Ming could react, Jin Xingjian suddenly rushed over to stand in front of Ye Ming and resisted the next few lightning strikes abruptly.

Jin Xingjian turned into a rock and disappeared completely, and replaced by a jade mountain that was so pierced that Ye Ming was distraught and collapsed in the stone cave. As early as tens of thousands of years ago, on the day when Pangu opened the sky, Nuwa left eight sky-filling gravels and fell into the world, and has since turned into a continuous jade mountain. Since there was such a world, Jin Xingjian has accompanied Ye Ming with his body. It is this mountain that has protected Ye Ming for thousands of years, and has also prevented her from the thunder disaster thousands of years ago.

The years went by, and ten years later, Ye Ming built a small house next to Yushan and stayed beside him day and night. On this day, a pedestrian asked for directions, and Ye Ming patiently guided him. After waiting for the pedestrian to leave, he suddenly heard the voice of a child coming from behind him. Ye Ming was stunned, seemingly with an unbelievable expression. He looked at the boy who looked similar to the little stone in front of him, and cried with joy. The ring worn on the ring finger finally waited for its owner.

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