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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 31 Recap

As the plague spread arbitrarily in the city, the hospital was already overcrowded, Jin Xingjian and Ye Ming, with Ye Lina’s help, decided to help her find a cure. Because the government sent a medical team, the virus has never been seen before, and many medicines still don’t work. Ye Ming saw that the nurses were also getting infected, so he took care of the patients for them and helped them.

At this time, Lian Xuan returned to Shanghai, passing by the south of the city, and happened to see many people migrating into the city. Jin Xingjian had a guess in his heart, but he was not sure yet. He originally planned to investigate the cause by himself, but when he met Lian Xuan, the two came to the place where Yu Shaobai died before, and they found that it was related to him.

Because Yu Shaobai had the flesh of the Millennium Blood Bat King, he set a curse before his death. When he was wiped out, the virus that had existed thousands of years ago was immediately spread. Obviously, he wanted to bring the whole city to death, and I am afraid it would spread to other provinces. . Ye Ming saw the uncomfortable look of everyone in the hospital, and he was also uncomfortable, especially the very young girl, hoping to wait until the day of recovery.

Although Lianxuan’s magical power is high, he is a human being after all. Jin Xingjian puts the lotus in the Huaxuezhai to keep him safe and not to suffer from infection. After returning to the hospital, Jin Xingjian informed Ye Ming of the results of the investigation, and he felt heavy. After all, the millennium virus is by no means humans can resist. The longer the time is, the more casualties there will be.

The girl is in a serious condition. Although Jin Xingjian helped her suppress her for a period of time, she soon relapsed severely again, and she might not be able to survive tonight. Ye Lina took care of her elder brother all day, but eventually contracted the plague. Ye Qingchun felt very heartbroken for this and complained that her sister was too self-willed. However, Ye Lina never regrets, she only hopes that if they can have the next life, the two can continue to be brothers and sisters.

That night, Ye Ming felt an atmosphere of despair in the ward, and fell into sadness. He thought he had lived for thousands of years, but he was still helpless in this matter. The fragility of humans made her a little scared, even if she knew that she would inevitably fall into the end of life and death in the future, but now she can’t just watch them die.

Jin Xingjian understood Ye Ming’s feelings, so he made a major decision, which was to use his own body to fight the plague. In fact, Jin Xingjian knew what the body meant, and if Thunder Tribulation came, he would be completely wiped out, and there would be no possibility of surviving. Knowing Jin Xingjian’s thoughts, Lian Xuan was shocked, but Jin Xingjian ignored the obstacles and came to the top of the mountain with a seal. As the Jinxingjian pinch technique was applied, the seven seals were instantly shattered and turned into powder and sprinkled across the city of Shanghai. Lian Xuan silently accompanied Jin Xingjian, hurriedly supporting the extremely weak Jin Xingjian.

When the sky dawned, everyone seemed to be getting better. Even Ye Ming thought it was the medical team’s medicine that was effective. He couldn’t help but ran back to Huaxuezhai to tell Jin Xingjian the good news. He hadn’t noticed that there was something wrong with Jin Xingjian’s state, and Lian. Xuan turned his back in tears.

The brothers and sisters Ye Qingchun recovered completely, so they planned to leave Shanghai and came to say goodbye to Jin Xingjian. Through this incident, Ye Lina understood that she should give her strength in times of turmoil, so she wanted to study medicine abroad, while Ye Qingchun had to go home to inherit the industry and take care of the business.

Sending away the Ye Qingchun brothers and sisters, Jin Xingjian sighed that everyone had changed. Just as he and Ye Ming were in love with each other, Lian Xuan actually bought a movie ticket for the two of them, and reminded Ye Ming to cherish the present. Ye Ming didn’t know the meaning, Jin Xingjian hurriedly explained that Lian Xuan was missing Xiaoqing.

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