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To Me to You (2021) 나의 너에게

To Me to You (2021)
Other Title: 나의 너에게, Over To You, To My You, Naui Neoege, To My You

Genres: drama
South Korea
Release Date: 
Apr 19, 2021
Related Show:


  • Yeon Je Hyung as Sung Hoon
  • Im Na Young as Hyun Ah
  • Lee Min Goo as Shi Eon
  • Lee Il Hwa as Ji Young
  • Lee Jong Hyuk as Dong Seok

Shin Hye Sung

We Walk alongside the time
to feel the warmth of hands caught gently
, sometimes dusty Dawn Day is
tipped to sneak off the collar of each
Roaring when it comes to wind blows
squatting in silence not quite

breathe swideut my side
to increase side day hard
time in its place
you because haejun with a

walk while their eyes shut
ttwieodo seemed to fall
grasping my hand side
moi you live a day

of breath clogged if a hot day
to go rest to be moderate temperatures
rarely stop unless
it rains very squatting not

breathe swideut next to my
day difficult to increase the side
grasping my hand moi to side
with you day living

becomes at once familiar
drunk spring’ve
Where somehow even
more when one wanders without knowing
closer you come to my arms

it’s always you, because glad my side
over time forever
jundamyeon hold my hand

on the way you walk
back plus seasons
of our time to beautiful
breathing you wave
To make our time beautiful

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