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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 37 Recap

Chang Ge had persuaded the King of the Desert by his own words and deeds, and the King of Mobei sent someone to kill the messenger sent by Yaac. Once this person died, the King of the Desert could not shirk his responsibility. Now Yazhang has already moved his mind to detain the two’s family members. They are all dead. The two decided to risk their deaths, and follow Changge’s words to join the Eagle Master Alliance. Maybe this This is the only way out of the desert, but Changge must stay in the desert as a hostage, and the rest can send the comfrey back to the Eagle Division first.

Pearl informed Mi Mi of the meaning of the long song, and she sent Mi Mi and her group to leave Mobei. Long Song stayed in Mobei, and she informed the King of the Desert about the way to resist the Assile people. As long as Mobei and Monan can abandon the old grievances and unite, she will be able to resist the Assile tribe. Now is the extraordinary time.

Under Changge’s persuasion, the two decided to squeeze their grievances and fight against the royal court together. Now they have 50,000 soldiers and horses in their hands, but this is far from enough. Changge also decided to unite more. As long as everyone can unite together, their chances of winning will be greater.

When Yi Cheng learned about Da Mo, she far underestimated Changge, but it was a pity that Changge was not killed at that time. Sheer and Tukasef are about to return, and Yicheng also decides to attack the Khan first, so that the Khan can’t speak, so as not to ruin her plan. Later, Yi Cheng came to the Great Khan Camp. She was poisoned by the fragrance of the Great Khan, and she also showed her true face. She wanted to support the Khan in Sheerdang grassland, but Sheer is still young. Young was unable to convince the crowd, so she was prepared to keep the Great Khan alive, let the Great Khan be controlled by her, and give orders to her.

Mu Jin’s condition deteriorated, and his high fever did not go away. Asle Falcon had to throw him into the water in order to cool Mu Jin. He asked Mu Jin to hold on. Mu Jin only felt that he could not hold on anymore. He asked Ashle Falcon to hold on. Take good care of Mi Mi, he likes Mi Mi to the deepest, and the only thing that can’t let go is Mi Mi. Ashley Falcon regards Mu Jin as his brother. He only hopes that Mu Jin can hold on again and wait for the return of Lithospermum.

Mi Mi and his party escorted Zi Cao back to the Eagle Master. On the way, Mi Mi received a letter from Yi Cheng. Yi Cheng threatened Mi Mi with his brother Buzhen’s life and let Mi Mi destroy Zi Cao. Mi Mi was in a dilemma, Yi Cheng also sent a killer to intercept the group of people, Qin Lao acted decisively and asked Xufeng to escort Mi Mi, Shiba and Zicao back to Yingshi first.

There were so many killers, Xufeng was afraid of delaying time, so she only asked Mi Mi to send the comfrey back to the Hawkmaster by herself. Mi Mi wanted to destroy the comfrey secretly, but when she thought of Mu Jin who loved her, she still chose Mu Jin. , Escorted Zicao to the Eagle Division.

Mu Jin’s body is getting weaker and weaker, and he entrusts everything he can’t let go of to Ashley Falcon. Seeing Mu Jin’s loss of consciousness, Sun Zhenren also shook his head. Lithospermia was too late, and Mu Jin would be helpless. At this moment, Mi Mi sent comfrey and Mu Jin’s life-saving medicine. Seeing that Mu Jin couldn’t drink the medicine, Mi Mi even fed the medicine to Mu Jin on the spot.

Yi Cheng learned that the Eagle Master had obtained the comfrey, she knew that Mi Mi could not count on it, and she had other ways to deal with the Eagle Master. Now that the Great Khan was unable to speak, she was not at all afraid of seeing the Great Khan glaringly at him. Instead, she summoned Lei Meng on the spot and wrote an edict herself, summoning Xiong Shi Tukashe in the name of the Great Khan. , Let Tuka set up a military desert. Tukhashe has always been warlike. Now that he has this edict, he is very happy and did not notice the slightest abnormality of the Great Khan.

Mu Jin gradually got better, Ashley Falcon told Mu Jin the order of Wang Ting, Wang Ting sent the Eagle Master and Xiong Master to crusade the desert together, and now Wang Ting is pressing harder, Ashley Falcon has to consider the long song. Proposal, interested in alliance with the Great Desert. On the other side, Yi Cheng summoned secretly, saying that the Great Khan had a secret order to pass to Tukhashe, so that Tukhashe would calm Mobei this time, and he could benefit from the fisherman’s hands by the Eagle Master.

Yicheng wanted to use the hands of Tukhashe to destroy the Eagle, but she feared that Tukhashe’s recklessness would be wiped out, so she also secretly sent a dead man to stare at it. If Tukhashe missed, the dead man would shoot him with an arrow. Poetry Le Falcon.

The two kings of Changge and the Great Desert are planning how to subdue other tribes, and they report to the front of the Eagle Master and Master Xiong that they have come, and they are very happy to learn that the Eagle Master has come to the desert.

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