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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 36 Recap

Old Qin couldn’t find out about the comfrey, and now even the most hidden comfrey stock in the black market is gone. He thinks it’s not good, so Chang Ge decides to stay in Mobei first, no matter what, she must bring the comfrey back. Eagle division. On the other side, the little girl in the inn was caught out of the inn by the shopkeeper for not paying the money. She met her uncle, but was unwilling to follow her uncle, but tried to escape from his uncle’s hands instead. .

By chance, she met Changge and Mi Mi on the street. Changge was unwilling to entangle with this person, but she saw that Changge was unwilling to involve the officers and soldiers. She took Changge’s hand and shouted that Changge was held hostage. She, Chang Ge was helpless, so she had to stun the person first and bring her back to her footing.

When the girl woke up, she woke up wondering who Li Changge was. Li Changge had always avoided the officers and soldiers. She thought that Li Changge must not be a good person. Li Changge tried this girl, and the girl was full of nonsense. Changge didn’t intend to let this person go, just let this person stay alive, otherwise she would throw this person out to feed the wolf.

After that, Chang Ge left the room. She sent someone to guard the girl at the door, but the girl was eccentric and only secretly broke free of the rope. She wanted to slip away, but overheard the conversation between Mi Mi and Chang Ge. The girl came out to talk with the two. It turned out that she was from Monan, named Zhenzhu. She sneaked into Mobei to watch the Winter Festival, while the people on the street were sent by her father to catch her.

After Pearl had eaten and drank enough, Chang Ge asked about the comfrey in the desert. Now Mobei has banned the sale of comfrey, but Pearl has thought of a trick. Although Mobei bans the sale of comfrey, it can’t help the begging for cold festival The god of exorcism, by then everyone will throw comfrey on the god of plague, this is the only way for them to get comfrey.

On the Qihan Festival, Changge and his party pretended to be a plague god, and they accepted the ritual of the plague god from the crowd. They won the voice of the people and got enough comfrey. Although Changge and his party got comfrey, it was enough to provoke the original plague god Mobei King. They prepared to check the details of Changge and his party.

Changge and his party were about to set off, but they were stopped by King Mobei. King Mobei summoned Changge and his party. He had found that there were a lot of comfrey on the carriage of Changge, so he wanted to know the reason why Changge stocked comfrey. Changge concealed the real reason, only saying that she was hoarding comfrey because she wanted the middleman to make a high price difference.

King Mobei did not doubt about others, but did not intend to play Changge easily. He knew that Pearl was from Monan, so They were taken directly into prison, and when the people in Monan reported the letter and returned, he would go out again.

Changge and his party were taken to prison. From Pearl’s mouth, she learned that Mobei and Monan are rivals. Although Mobei is under the control of the Ashile tribe, she has always been ashamed. Knowing that the Ashile tribe was not on good terms with Mobei, Changge was anxious to see King Mobei. She wanted to negotiate a deal with King Mobei, but the people in prison did not take Changge’s words to heart. The news that Changge was detained in the desert reached Yicheng.

Yicheng asked Lei Meng to keep an eye on Changge. At the same time, she asked Lei Meng to bring the wives and daughters of King Mobei and King Monan to control it. The second king, now she has started to draft 10,000 soldiers in Mobei and Monan, which will be directly used by her. In order to beware of the long song, Yi Cheng not only sent people to remind Mi Mi, so that Mi Mi remembered her mission, but also sent a face to Mobei, she wanted to control the movements of the Eagle Master in Mobei.

King Monan came to Mobei to return the pearl, but the two of them had a bad temper and almost went into a fight. Now that the pearl is in the hands of King Mobei, King Mobei threatened King Monan with a cavalry. To save the pearl, King Monan had to decide to exchange the pearl with a cavalry. Pearl returned to King Monan’s side.

She did not forget the long song in prison. She only pleaded with King Monan to save the long song. King North Monan was unwilling to save strangers, but when she heard that the long song took comfrey for To save people, I couldn’t help but stop, wanting to see a long song. Changge was summoned, and before Changge entered the hall, she saw the envoy of the royal court outside the hall. The emissary of the king court came for two things.

One was to let the two sides recruit another 10,000 soldiers and be incorporated into the defenders of Dingxiang City. The other was to let the wives and daughters of the two kings go to Yazhang. There is no girl, but Wang Ting didn’t even let Mobei King’s Ana. The words were brought, and the messenger was about to leave. He saw Changge at the door. Although he did not know Changge, he had seen the portrait of Changge, and his eyes were more attentive when he looked at Changge.

Changge had seen the eyes of the messenger. She concluded that this person was unkind, so she hurriedly revealed her identity to the kings of Mobei and Monan. She is the eagle’s military commander, and she came here to catch the disease for the eagle. People ask for comfrey, and if the person left just now, none of them will have a good life. Now Wang Ting has given up the Eagle Master, and Mobei Monan should form an alliance with the Eagle Master.

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