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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 35 Recap

Le Yan and Li Shimin mentioned the long song, and Le Yan only hopes that one day the long song can be relieved and come back. Seeing this table of delicacies on the table, Le Yan couldn’t help but think of the people’s suffering. She didn’t ask for Li Shimin’s reward, but hoped that Li Shimin would let the people of Tang Dynasty live a life without famine as soon as possible. Seeing that Le Yan and the previous two are different, Li Shimin can also feel the ups and downs of Le Yan’s journey.

Le Yan remembered the suffering, but also remembered the grace. She mentioned the taking in her Chai Niangzi, asking for grace for Chai Niangzi, and at the same time let Li Shimin allow her to go out of the palace, she was going to go out to inspect Nongsang. Compassionate about the suffering of the people.

Yaluo begged to see the Great Khan, but Raymond, the confidant beside Sheer, killed Yaluo. Raymond and Yicheng were treacherous and had already controlled the tooth account. Yicheng Yaluo found the letter of Ashlefalcon on his body. Ashley Falcon has become suspicious about Dingxiang. Now the Jinse plan has failed, and Lei Meng is going to replace Jinse to complete the plan for Yicheng to go to Luoyang. Afterwards, Yicheng came to deliver medicine to the ill-fated Great Khan.

She took the medicine. After the Great Khan became unconscious, Yicheng stole the seal of the Great Khan and asked Raymond to pass a message to the Hawkmaster. Said that Yaluo despised the royal court and was imprisoned. Yi Cheng is jealous of Ashley Falcon. She doesn’t want Ashley Falcon to ruin her plan. After her plan is completed, she is the first to get rid of Ashley Falcon and let Sheer become king without hindrance. , No longer suffer from her.

Le Yan was about to go out of the palace to inspect the Nongsang, Gao Du was ordered to accompany Le Yan, only to see Gao Du avoiding Le Yan again and again, Le Yan asked Gao Du to stay, but Gao Du was afraid that she would make Le Yan unhappy and avoided. Reluctantly, Le Yan had to order Gao Du as a princess. Gao Du had been confining his emotions these days.

He stopped and couldn’t help but talk to Le Yan from the bottom of his heart. The reason why he avoided Le Yan was because Le Yan didn’t want to see him. He was afraid that Le Yan would be unhappy, so he wanted to guard Le Yan from a distance. As long as Le Yan was safe, he would have nothing to ask for.

When the words fell, Gao Du turned around again to leave, but Le Yan grabbed Gao Du. She thanked Gao Du for saving Long Ge’s life, and no longer maintained a sense of life with Gao Du, so that Gao Du could protect her. . Seeing a pair of elderly people leaning against each other in the field, Le Yan thought of Shuyu. She knew that there was someone else in Shuyu’s heart, but Gao Du encouraged Le Yan to express her heart courageously, even if she was rejected.

When Raymond came to the Eagle Master, he sent a letter with a seal, causing Ashyl Falcon to die and take the comfrey heart to the tooth account. The royal court refused to give comfrey. Now the most urgent thing is the hawk’s infected person. Ashley believes that the Great Khan will not kill Yarrow for no reason, so he decided to wrong Yarrow first and focus on comfrey. Although Mobei is remote, it can be reached in three days. Changge is going to take Qin’s Yanxingmen to Mobei to find medicine. Mimi learns of Changge’s plan and plans to go to Mobei together with Changge to find medicine.

Gao Du told Shuyu about Le Yan’s hard work in inspecting the mulberry, and Shuyu took time out to accompany Le Yan for a day. Le Yan plucked up her courage and asked Shuyu if she still liked the long song. She liked Shuyu and wanted to walk side by side with Shuyu. Although Shuyu knew that he and Changge were not the same, he didn’t like Le Yan, but when Shuyu brushed the flower off her head, Le Yan misunderstood what Shuyu meant and was only delighted. Think that Shuyu accepted her. Shuyu didn’t deny it, but Gao saw that Le Yan got what he wanted, only the corners of his mouth were raised, and he was happy for Le Yan.

Ashley Falcon was planning the long song journey, and Sun Zhenren said in a word that Ashley Falcon was suffering from lovesickness. The next day, Changge and his party arrived in Mobei. Changge and Mi Mi saw the Ashele tribe on the streets of Mobei that they were recruiting new soldiers. They had no time to take care of the others, and only rushed to the drugstore to find comfrey. The drugstore ordered to stop the comfrey trade a few days ago, so there was no comfrey at this time. Changge and Mimi found nothing. Old Qin planned to find another way to buy comfrey at a high price.

Changge made Qin Lao pay attention to the purple grass. At the same time, he also revealed to Datang about the recruitment of new recruits from the Ashile tribe. Changge took Mi Mi and Xufeng to eat at the inn first, and the three were eating. When I met an eccentric little girl, although she ate a supreme meal, she was not afraid of anything, but plausibly convinced the shopkeeper that she would not fall back on her account, but it was only a few days late to pay the money.

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