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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 34 Recap

Li Shimin’s policy for the people finally made Chang Ge let go of the hatred in her heart. Now the border of Datang has been peaceful, and her identity is not convenient for staying in Luoyang, so she decided to go to the desert for a walk. After hearing the words, Ashley Falcon had different wishes. Long song walks together.

Old Qin arranged the identities of the two of them, and he urged them out loudly that they needed to be siblings if they would go out in the future. When the two went out, they met Sun Zhenren and Situ. Sun Zhenren was anxiously preparing to leave due to the summons in the palace. He did not want to be detained in the Imperial Medical Office for the rest of his life, so this time I met with Situ Qianren Long Song. Long song goodbye.

Gao Du and Le Yan and his entourage set off for Chang’an. After this, Le Yan also understood the saying that Li Shimin often said, “How difficult is the people’s livelihood, how to stand by”, how can she not grow up as a Datang princess as soon as possible? , She only hopes that the long song wandering outside can be well. On the other side, Li Jing came to the outskirts to say goodbye to Ashley Falcon and saw the familiar Long Song. He decided to set off with Du Ruhui back to Chang’an in a few days. At the same time, he already knew Ashyl Falcon was a person from the grassland.

At the beginning, he deceived Ashyl Falcon in that volume of Guardian Art of War, but Ashyl Falcon’s ability not to give up his original intention made him feel that he could have a close friendship with Ashyl Falcon. Although there is no guardian art of war, the real art of war came from People and soldiers, he imparted the art of war skills he knew to Ashyl Falcon, Ashyl Falcon kept in mind, and when he meets Li Jing on the battlefield in the future, he will not forget what Li Jing said.

There is an infectious disease spreading in the eagle, and the great wizard is helpless. Mi Mi knows that the disease is spread from the child she saved. She doesn’t want all the eagle’s people to get the disease, so she wants to take it with him. The child left, but the child repeatedly begged Mi Mi to save him. Mi Mi looked at the child and couldn’t help but think of her brother. Her brother was still in Yi Cheng’s hands. She wept bitterly, not knowing how to choose.

When Du Ruhui returned to Chang’an, he reported to Li Shimin that Li Changge was still alive, and now Li Changge has gone with the Ashele tribe. Li Shimin was very pleased to learn of Li Changge’s deeds in Luoyang. Like Changge’s unyielding temperament, no matter who she is friends with, he will stick to her position. As long as Changge is still alive, he will be enough, and he I believe that Changge will never betray Datang.

Le Yan and her group rested at the inn. Le Yan was still angry with Gao Du. She ignored Gao and didn’t want to eat the meal that Gao Du gave. Shuyu looked at the two people’s tantrums, only sent the meal into Le Yan’s room, and told Le Yan that Gao Du had saved Chang Ge. At the beginning, Gao had deliberately released Chang Ge on Liuyunguan. The reason for telling Le Yan about this is to hope that Le Yan will not refuse Gao Du’s protection. Gao Du is indeed a good personal guard.

Changge and his party rushed to the border of the grassland. Yaluo met them and quickly told Ashley Falcon about the infection of the Eagle Master. Ashley Falcon and Chang Ge decided to rush to the Eagle Master, Qin Lao will also go with them, and now Sun Zhenren is just not far away in the donkey cart, Chang Ge asks Qin Lao to send someone to find Sun Zhenren, Sun Zhenren With superb medical skills, this disease will surely be cured.

In the grassland, the child that Mi Mi saved opened his eyes. He was dying, and he only tried to tell Mi Mi with one last breath that he was very happy to have a sister before he died. Mi Mi held the child in tears, she went out to fetch the child and wash her face, preparing to let the child walk decently, but the people in the falconer found the child. The great wizard insisted that the child was a curse, and Mimi was the one who brought the curse.

Mimi and the child were unharmed day and night. Everyone in the Eagle asked to kill Mimi. Mu Jin wanted to protect Mimi. But everyone was angry and even wanted to forcibly burn Mimi. Fortunately, Ashley Falcon arrived in time. He saved Mimi with one arrow and let everyone go back first. No matter when, the Eagles were not allowed to kill each other.

Ashley Falcon suppressed the crowd with majesty, everyone dispersed, Mu Jin quickly released Mimi, Mimi cried and hugged Long Song tightly. Chang Ge has checked the people who are sick, and she determined that everyone is infected with the plague. After Changge comforted Mi Mi, she asked Mi Mi about the child. Mi Mi called the child Buzhen, but refused to reveal anything else.

Chang Ge did not ask much, only respecting Mi Mi. This plague took away countless lives. A woman who lost her child blamed Mi Mi for her fault. She wanted to kill the unsuspecting Mi Mi with a knife. Mu Jin stepped forward to save Mi Mi. The knife was also infected with the plague.

Le Yan and the prince arrived in Chang’an, and Li Shimin’s growth made Li Shimin admire, and he was both distressed and gratified for Le Yan. Sun Zhenren came to the grassland. After seeing the patient, he knew how to rescue him. He wrote down a prescription. The herbal medicine “desert comfrey” in the prescription was not in the Eagle Master. Yaluo decided to go to Yazhang Xiangda. Khan asked for medicine to save the Eagles.

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