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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 33 Recap

Du Ruhui gathered archers to guard outside Liuyun Temple, and Li Jing also came to Liuyun Temple. He asked Du Ruhui to hand it over to him. He was the one who was good at deploying soldiers. Du Ruhui never expected that Liuyun Guan could alarm Li Jing. His eighteen ancestors could not see Li Jing’s face. Li Jing only chuckled softly, took Du Ruhui’s soldier amulet, and dispatched his soldiers to shoot arrows.

Ashley Falcon heard Li Jing’s voice in the view. He knew Li Jing’s method of deploying soldiers, so he easily avoided the arrow that Li Jing shot in. For a time, there was only Jinse left in the Guan, and Ashley Falcon and Changge took Jinse. Jinse kept claiming that Ashley Falcon had betrayed the Ashele tribe, and had betrayed the Great Khan, Ashele Falcon is determined.

He has never betrayed the Ashele tribe. He is just saving someone he cares about. Jinse is the one who really trapped the Ashele tribe. She did nothing more than do this. It was just trying to provoke a war between Ashele Bu and Datang.

Gao Du took people to Liuyun Temple, Ashley Falcon knocked Jinse unconscious and prepared to hand Jinse to Datang, while he and Chang Ge hid in the backyard. Du Ruhui did not find a long song in the Guan, and Li Jing was also very surprised that he could not see Ashley Falcon. Situ only claimed that the person who had just cooperated with Li Jing was him, and he and the Guanzhu were the only ones from the beginning to the end. The person in the watch insisted on protecting the long song. Du Ruhui only said a word. He decided not to pursue the long song.

He apologized to the watcher for the offense just now. The watcher did not take it seriously, but only persuaded Du Ruhui as soon as possible. Let go of obsession. Du Ruhui saw that Li Jing failed for many days. Now Li Jing is standing in front of him. Du Ruhui urges Li Jing to wear purple robes to live high in the temple, but Li Jing fails to follow Du Ruhui’s violent generals. Du Ruhui had nothing to do with Li Jing. He mentioned the prince’s disappearance and wanted to search the whole city vigorously, but Li Jing was afraid that he would be surprised by the snakes.

Both Le Yan and Gao saw a strange man in the congee shed. The man took a little girl out of the city. After he left the city, he wanted to kill the little girl. Fortunately, Gao did his rescue. Bring the girl to see Le Yan. Le Yan was able to rescue the little girl this time, and Luoyang City also deployed according to Le Yan’s plan. Le Yan knelt down and looked at the little girl with concern. Seeing that the little girl was safe, Le Yan handed her to Gao Du. Gao Du wanted to send Le Yan back. It was not safe here, but Le Yan refused Gao Du and left alone.

Shuyu knew from the soldiers that Gao had intentionally let go of Changge, and he was relieved. As long as Changge is safe, he will be relieved. After that, Du Ruhui came to see Jinse and learned that Jinse was a descendant of the Sui family. The power behind Jinse was not only Jinse, but Jinse refused to disclose a word. Du Ruhui only ordered Jinse to be general. Locked up, let Jinse feel the taste of life is better than death.

Changge woke up and Shiba delivered medicine. She was not good at taking care of others, and she almost burned Changge. Ashley Falcon quickly took the medicine bowl. He was going to feed Changge and drink medicine, but Changge drank the medicine in one breath. Light. At this time, Chang Ge suddenly thought of the prince, she cried out bad, and quickly told Le Yan and Shuyu the whereabouts of the prince. When the two learned of the whereabouts of the prince, Shuyu advocated taking Gao Du to go with him.

The three met the prince with a swollen nose and a swollen nose at the sumo hall. The prince was still arrogant, and he kept saying that he would kill Changge and kill those who disrespect him. Looking at such an arrogant prince, Le Yan couldn’t help but move his hand again, and shot the prince, so that the prince would restrain himself, and after returning, don’t mention the long song with Du Ruhui again.

Mi Mi saved a child on the grassland. After the child woke up, he only reminded Mi Mi not to forget his mission. He was sent by Yi Cheng, and only asked Mi Mi to keep him, otherwise Yi Cheng would kill him. Mimi must also keep his mission in mind. At this moment, Mu Jin came to find Mi Mi. He took Mi Mi to a sea of ​​beautiful flowers and gave Mi Mi a candy to show Mi Mi his sincerity. Mimi knew that she was not worthy of Mu Jin, she rejected Mu Jin, but Mu Jin shook her head, thinking from the bottom of her heart that he was not worthy of Mimi.

After Ashley Falcon left the grassland, the Great Khan has been drinking to soothe his sorrows, missed Ashley Falcon, and wanted to go back to the past with Ashley Falcon. In the prison on the other side, Jinse took out the poison she had hidden on her body and killed herself by taking the poison. Before dying, Jin Se remembered the plan between Yi Cheng and her. It turned out that Jin Se humiliated Yi Cheng in all possible ways in front of the Great Khan.

It was one of Yi Cheng’s plans. Yi Cheng wanted to get herself from everyone in the grassland. Sympathy, when everyone is unprepared, it is the best time for her to attack. Jinse came to Luoyang with Yicheng’s plan. Her plan failed. Yicheng saw that there was no news from Jinse for a long time, and also guessed Jinse’s failure. Now her next step is to disintegrate the power of the Great Khan. Let Sheel take his place instead.

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