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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 9 Recap

Xia Zhuo and the veteran met Lin Anbang and the others. Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng were very happy to see him, and they also talked aggrieved about what happened. Everyone gathered around to criticize Lin Anbang, and Xia Zhuo criticized his veteran for delaying a lot of time in trying to rescue him, but this time Lin Anbang took everyone in. Lang Yongcheng said that this time he came here mainly because he was worried about their safety.

This is not a camping for college students or a campfire party. The next day, the recruits woke up and saw some food on the ground. Xia Zhuo was very impressed when he saw it. Friendship was the first and the second was the second. From now on, they will walk to the Elders Village together, and then go to the Elders Village. under.

The veterans had already set off, and they complained that Lang Yongcheng was soft-hearted, and all the food was given to the recruits. The four of them simply came to a spiritual meeting and hurried along while talking. It seemed that something really happened. Suddenly Wang Xianmin returned with wild vegetables, and several people returned to reality. At the same time, Ouyang Jun had already taken a short cut and was not far from the end. Xia Zhuo and others went hand in hand to overcome all difficulties and dangers together.

Ouyang Junqiang stumbled and arrived at the Elders Village. He fell on the ground and panted as soon as he arrived. Lu Zheng asked him why he didn’t wait for others to run over by himself. Ouyang Jun replied that this was a competition, not a spring outing. Lu Zheng asked him meaningfully, is it important to win first place? But Ouyang Jun asked him, is it not important to be the first place? Soon, Xia Zhuo and other recruits also rushed over, they were second after Ouyang Jun.

After the Battle Blade Company assembled, Lu Zheng was the first to call Lin Anbang out of the queue. Lu Zheng was still pretending to be stupid, his face was not beating, and he pulled the calf, saying that he picked up the two cars, and Lu Zheng was very angry. Lin Anbang thought that he had escaped, but Lu Zheng announced that Lin Anbang would leave the team immediately. Lin Anbang was not willing to ask why he would be eliminated. Lu Zheng told him that lying is a shame.

Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng were very worried about Lin Anbang. When they sent him away, Lin Anbang asked them to bring a few words to the veterans. Lin Anbang got on the truck and left. Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng waved goodbye to him. Lu Zheng was tossed and unreliable, and there was a entanglement of hating iron but not steel. Shao Shuai also saw through his thoughts.

The more he likes the soldier, he is willing to say a few more words, but Lu Zheng is still stiff. Lin Anbang has already left. Can’t stay. To be honest, Lin Anbang likes money and cleverness, but it is also very cute. Shao Shuai observed him when he was in the recruit company. Although he liked money, he hardly paid anything, but Lu Zheng just couldn’t understand why. Lu Zheng wants everyone to stop at this point, now the elimination rate is too low.

When Xia Zhuo received his mobile phone, he began to look at Liang Nuo’s photos. Ouyang Jun began to write a diary, and their recruit life entered a new starting point. Lin Anbang met Yan Yibing in the car and ran up quickly. Yan Yibing immediately exposed his old bottom and asked him to take time to get an injection. There are still eighty-five people left in the Battle Blade Company. Lu Zheng announced the termination of the current mission and they will carry out a new mission.

Lang Yongcheng and others have doubled their confidence after participating in the primaries. Facts have proved that they are not old nor lose. An Lei sent someone some warm things early in the morning, saying they were caring for the old comrades, and asked them to take An Lei’s car back. The recruits will go to Lang Yongcheng after participating in the devil training camp. Lang Yongcheng and his team are eager to try and prepare them to peel off their skin.

In the car, Yi Zimeng had motion sickness, but he could only endure it. After arriving at the Devil Training Camp, Captain Yu Quanhai appeared.

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