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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 10 Recap

Yu Quanhai told everyone that they will spend a month together. There are no elites here, no name level, and only one number. Xia Zhuo was assigned to 5438, a little reluctant, and proposed to change the number because he didn’t like the number. Yu Quanhai indifferently refused, there were only two choices here: staying behind and getting off.

Xia Zhuo didn’t understand his personal demands, and Quan Hai ignored him. Yi Zimeng said that some people would always look unpleasant to some people. Ouyang Jun said that the troops depended on their performance. Xia Zhuo pondered for a long time, and felt that he had no relationship with the long-faced person, both Lu Zheng and Yu Quanhai.

Soon, everyone entered the harsh training they had never experienced before, and Yu Quanhai told them from the beginning that it was okay to scold yourself if you wanted to, but you had to scold in your heart, otherwise there was only one word, miserable. Xia Zhuo couldn’t help but cursed during training, and Yu Quanhai asked him to run three laps around the training ground, otherwise all the recruits would run. Yu Quanhai was a special soldier, so he was extremely strict with them.

After experiencing unprecedented severe training, Xia Zhuo also made countless reports, and finally Yu Quanhai directly told him to shut up. A comrade in cross-country training fell down, and Xia Zhuo wanted to help and was driven away by him. This comrade-in-arms arrived last, and Yu Quanhai glanced at his number 5416 and said that there was no dinner for him tonight.

Of course Xia Zhuo couldn’t help it, and Yi Zimeng and Ouyang Jun each evened some food and secretly gave him some food. When 5416 gobbled it up, Yu Quanhai came suddenly and asked who gave him dinner. Xia Zhuo, Ouyang Jun, and Yi Zimeng all stood up, but Yu Quanhai announced that 5416 had been eliminated, and he would lower his camp flag, and sent the three of Xia Zhuo to the penalty station outside the barracks.

5416 left with the camp flag, and the three of Xia Zhuo looked at their camp flag, but their hearts became more determined. Lin Anbang took care of the cleaning, Lang Yongcheng came and asked him what he was doing recently. Lang Yongcheng saw through his hesitation and loss at a glance and asked him to learn to drive with him.

At breakfast, Xia Zhuo was thinking that Lin Anbang must have touched the missile car, and they are still working on physical fitness here, and they all feel that Lin Anbang is already a step ahead in professionalism. Xia Zhuo knew that Lin Anbang would definitely choose the driver, so Yu Quanhai couldn’t help but cursed them a few words, and several people had to shut up. Lang Yongcheng said in particular, it doesn’t matter if the selection is eliminated. If you practice well, he will have the same chance to enter the Battle Blade. Lin Anbang suddenly understood.

The recruits spent ten hours in the car and finally arrived at the next stop. The anti-stress training only eliminated one person, but Yu Quanhai told them that the next survival training was crucial. They only had a compressed biscuit. They had to be divided into several groups and carried a large wooden stake to arrive within a week.

In the first six groups, the first person to arrive, except for launching a missile, he dare not agree, everything else is fine. As long as one person calls for help, the whole group will be eliminated. Soon Xia Zhuo thought of the role of compressed biscuits, and said that they were ground into powder for hunting.

Xia Zhuo, Yi Zimeng, and Ouyang Jun were a group and set off carrying the wood, and Lin Anbang was also studying in the standby room unrelentingly. At night, Ouyang Jun accidentally fell off the slope, Xia Zhuola also fell, and Yi Zimeng hurriedly went to look for them. It was too dark to see anything. Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun agreed that they should rest on the spot and recharge their batteries before setting off at dawn. Xia Zhuo had insomnia.

He didn’t understand why Yu Quanhai’s strength could be improved, but he wanted to be a grassroots selection camp instructor here. It really didn’t make sense. Ouyang Jun was awakened by the pigeon early in the morning, and Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun were quickly awakened. The three of them cautiously walked to the pigeon and finally caught breakfast.

Last night, only Xia Zhuo’s group did not move on, and Yu Quanhai was not surprised. After eating and drinking, Ouyang Jun began to look at the map. They currently have two choices. Xia Zhuo suggested detouring and not climbing. Only by saving energy can he win. The two quarreled, and Ouyang Jun simply neutralized their opinions. Lin Anbang was scolded by Lang Yongcheng while driving, and ran to stand aside.

After moving on, Xia Zhuo had run out of water and was very worried that he would die of thirst. Ouyang Jun fell to his waist last night and is now holding on. The three of them began to doubt themselves. They had to carry a big tree and drive more than two hundred kilometers without water or food. Can they stick to it? The three people who have run out of ammunition and food are determined to get out of this wasteland tomorrow, otherwise they really won’t be able to get out.

Lin Anbang was a little anxious. Lang Yongcheng said that he should indeed be anxious. His performance in the car today made Lang Yongcheng suspect that he had missed his eyes.

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