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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 20 Racap

Subei and everyone from the studio came to Gu to promote the cooperation between the two parties. After meeting her, Lu Feier put on a very warm and friendly appearance. Subei said that the two sides will cooperate for a long time, and Lu Feier need not be so pretentious. Gu Yan asked Lu Feier to vacate the office for Subei, and Lu Feier readily agreed in front of everyone. However, he came to Gu Yan’s office to question in private. Gu Yan said that even if Lu Feier changed his feathers, he would not change from a crow to a phoenix. It would be better to improve his performance, otherwise, please leave Gu clan.

At the meeting, Gu Yan was very concerned about Subei, both desserts and stomach medicine. Lu Feier knew about Gu Yan’s relationship with Yu Jia, so she deliberately instigated discord, saying that Gu Yan was very considerate to Subei. Yu Jia is jealous. In order to break the relationship between the North and South couples, Gu Yan deliberately took photos of Sobi resting in the office when he had a stomachache, and sent them to Moments, making Lu Nan jealous.

When she came to Subei’s home that night, Lu Nan asked her if she was addicted to acting, or if she was really planning to divorce her from the fake act. It turns out that in the past few days, Subei Road South was pretending to be quarreling with Ye Ting and even preparing for a divorce. The two planned to put Gu Yan in acting to reveal his true colors.

On the other side, Yu Jia asked if Gu Yan was really interesting to Subei. Gu Yan comforted that he was just acting on the scene. Currently, Huanzhen will be listed on the market soon. Even if the listing cannot be prevented, he will break the feelings of Subei Road South. It was beneficial to Gu’s development, and then he repeatedly confirmed to Yu Jia whether Su and Lu were really planning to divorce.

Early the next morning, Gu Yan came to Subei’s home to deliver breakfast, saying that he intended to pursue her. Lu Nan hurriedly sneaked away in order not to be exposed. He didn’t expect to return home and was scolded by Kreis, asking him if he had derailed when he did not come home at night. Lu Nan was helpless. Kris found Subei and cried out that his father had cheated. Gu Yan pretended to comfort the child face to face. He is now sure that Subei is indeed going to divorce Lu Nan.

Gu Yan invited everyone from the company to the hotel for group building to welcome the cooperation in northern Jiangsu. Lu Nan also came here when he got the news. He just participated in Gu’s group building table and confronted Gu Yan tit for tat. Ye Ting looked like she was watching the show. After the team building was over, Gu Yan took Subei to the place where Lu Nan confessed to her, saying that all beautiful things can be copied. Looking forward, you will always encounter better ones, and said that she likes it very much. She wants to pursue her and hope Subei can agree. Subei did not answer his question directly.

Lu Feier came to see Grandma Lu, pretending to be cute and sensible, Kris didn’t like her when she saw her. When Lu Nan went home and saw this person, he clearly warned her not to come to see her grandma again, but he still came. That night, Lu Feier came to Lunan’s study to talk alone. She told her that she had secretly taken the Phixiangjin back then. She also said that in the world, she was the only one who truly loved Lunan, and Subei couldn’t even match her own. Lu Nan severely criticized her and rejected her, saying that Lu Feier would never compare to Subei. Lu Fei Er said that he can accept that he does not love himself, but must not accept that he loves other women.

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