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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 19 Racap

Ye Ting became a suspect in the Huanzhen leak. Subei changed the design overnight. She turned to the manuscript of the design competition seven years ago. She recalled that Lu Nan wanted to send herself abroad for refuge because of plagiarism.

However, the two had a conflict because of this. Subei was angry and wrote about the divorce. The agreement left. Looking back at this, I can’t help feeling that they were really young and energetic back then. Following the inspiration of the memories, she began to design a new costume. That night, after the design draft was completed, Subei hurriedly sent it to the company’s design department. The staff of the design department were working overtime to make the new product for the next day’s live broadcast.

In the afternoon of the next day, Huanzhen’s new clothing live broadcast started smoothly. After this, the sales volume not only remained undamaged, but doubled as expected. The next thing to do is to smoothly deliver the goods to the buyers. Everyone in Huanzhen’s design department has tried again and again, promising to complete the follow-up work with a certain quality and quantity.

Watching the live broadcast of Subei, Lu Feier was full of jealousy and resentment. Gu Yan said that this person in Subei is very capable, and that no matter how big things can be solved in her hands, she can get along with it for a long time. Is a man not tempted? He also ridiculed that some people have talents and some people want to win through plagiarism. When Lu Feier heard this, she still disdainfully said that Subei’s smooth solution of the problem this time was just a coincidence, that she could avoid it this time, but not the next time.

The directors of Huanzhen’s board of directors did not seem to be satisfied with the smooth resolution of the crisis. They jointly pressured Lunan to find the internal spies, otherwise they would “invite” him to “rest” for a period of time. Lu Nan took out a survey report on Ye Ting’s account of 500,000 yuan. Recently, everyone in the design department is working overtime to design new products, but Ye Ting’s personal account suddenly received a huge amount of money at this time, and her suspicion is greatest. Ye Ting didn’t even know that she had this account, but the evidence was in front of her, she couldn’t argue.

Subei spoke for Ye Ting, but this time Lu Nan seemed to have determined that Ye Ting was the leaker. After the board of directors, the couple had a big quarrel over the matter. Subei didn’t understand why Lu Nan didn’t listen to explanations and didn’t want to believe in someone he trusted so much. So angrily, Lu Nan filed for a divorce. Lu Nan angrily agreed.

At night, Ye Ting borrowed wine to pour her sorrows, and Yun Fan also came with a wine, saying very seriously that she believed in her, and Ye Ting was moved. The couple quarreled again about Ye Ting at the company, but Lu Nan still didn’t want to hear any evidence. Su Bei left angrily and took away all the confidants of the design department and set up his own Mies studio. On the day the studio opened and cut the ribbon, Gu Yan asked Subei for dinner after receiving news from Yu Jia and brought a large order, but Subei did not immediately take it.

After dinner, Gu Yan sent Subei home, and met Kreis and Lu Nan downstairs. Gu Yan took Kreis and said very kindly that he would play football with him on the weekend. Lu Nan was jealous and refused for Kreis. He claimed that Subei was still his legal wife and hoped that Gu Yan would abide by the moral bottom line. However, Gu Yan said that he would definitely wait for the divorce of Subei.

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