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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 18 Racap

Su Bei felt that the back figure was familiar, Yu Jia lied that he was asking for directions, and Su Bei no longer doubted it. Yun Fan and Ye Ting returned to Nancy at the airport. Yun Fan, who was carrying the luggage of the two people, fought again with Ye Ting bitterly. The two broke up unhappy.

After returning to the company, Yunfan blamed Lu Nan for knowing that he did not want to see Ye Ting, but he arranged his vacation with her. The hotel was also arranged in the same house. Lu Nan replied because the second one was half price. Yun Fan said that his life was bitter and that he could not meet a gentle woman. Gu Yan is thinking of a way to get Huanzhen into trouble again, and this time he plans to start with Huanzhen’s new clothes.

When the clothing design of Northern Jiangsu encountered a bottleneck, Lu Nan asked her to come out to relax at night, and maybe the problem would be solved. At night, Subei Suilu came to the hotel south, but he did not expect that the entire floor was covered by him. The floor was covered with rose petals. The couple had dinner here. Subei is grateful for everything Lu Nan has done for himself, but still intends to quit the design department after completing this cooperation with Xia, because for a fashion designer, talent is not enough, he also needs inspiration and ability. When encountering a bottleneck, it takes a certain amount of time to settle oneself.

Lu Nan comforted Subei, because the cooperation with Xia this time was of great importance, and Subei was afraid of the design. Perhaps it would be better to design in accordance with the original idea and set aside all kinds of restrictions. Su Bei suddenly opened up.

After Huanzhen’s samples were all designed, Yunfan gave Ye Ting the bag. Ye Ting said on the surface that he had a bad brain, and actually spent 20,000 yuan to buy a bag, but he was still very happy in his heart.

The day before Huanzhen’s new products were launched, Gu introduced new clothes that were exactly the same as the one. In Gu’s live broadcast, Lu Feier presented the clothes designed by Subei in a grand manner. Amy also called and asked why Gu’s new product is exactly the same as Huanzhen Xia’s joint model. This incident is very serious for Xia and she can’t help me. I hope Subei can do it for himself.

The North and South couple realized that there was a ghost inside the company, and they also understood that Gu had obtained the content of Phixiangjin, and the two began to discuss how to deal with the matter. Lu Nan mentioned that there are only four people who know that they are wearing Xiangjin, he, Subei, Aunt Lan, and Yu Jia. Although Subei trusts Yu Jia, she hopes that she can put aside her emotions and think about it rationally. Subei thought of the back of the person who met with Yu Jia downstairs in the hospital that day.

Subei asks Gu Yan about Lu Feier becoming a designer of the Gu family. Gu Yan pretends that he doesn’t know anything. Subei thinks that Gu Yan’s feeling is different from before, but he can’t tell the difference.

Lu Nan analyzes that the biggest beneficiary of the collision incident is Gu Yan. Gu Yan is a man with deep thoughts. If Gu Chengze is compared to two, then Gu Yan is a smiling fox, so he still has to guard against this person in the future. At this time, Lu Feier called and asked Lu Nan to meet.

North Jiangsu met Lu Feier for Lu Nan and asked her why she had a piece of fragrant brocade. Lu Feier provoked the divorce and said that Lu Nan had given it to herself. Northern Jiangsu was helpless. She had long known that Lu Nan had no love for Lu Feier at all. , I didn’t expect Lu Feier to give up even now.

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